Corporate Party Venues That Stand Out

The members of the organization could be divided into smaller teams of approximately ten people each and various sporting games could be played.

Corporate party venues are places where corporate organizations host their company bashes. A corporate party may not necessarily be a party but could also be a team outing, team building event, product launch or a client meet. There are many other events that corporate organizations may celebrate with great gusto, which may include celebrating the birthday of a boss or an employee, celebrating the day when the company was founded, etc.

Venues for corporate events could be resorts, theme parks, water parks, restaurants, conference halls etc. Resorts are wonderful places to host your corporate party with a lot of excitement. Resorts could have swimming pools adjoined to them. There are various resorts with different housing capacities. Some resorts can house up to hundred people, some fifty and some even five hundred. While choosing a resort for a corporate party one must take the space constraint into consideration.

The members of the organization could be divided into smaller teams of approximately ten people each and various sporting games could be played. For example there could be box cricket that could be played at the resort; if at all the corporate party venue has enough open ground. The teams could compete against each other. The team with the higher score would win. The winning teams then compete with each other. The teams get filtered until only two teams remain standing. The two teams will face-off for the top spot. There could be other games played at the corporate party venue too. Games like football would be fun. There could be small goals put up on either side. The highest goal scoring team wins. The rest of the procedure deciding the hierarchy would be just like the cricket game. Each game would be allotted points. Supposing if there are ten teams, then points from ten to zero would be allotted according to the hierarchy of winners to losers. There could be games like carrom too, wherein two players will have to outdo the other two. During corporate parties celebrated at water parks, there could ‘swimming’ themed games. There could also be games like Water Throw Ball.

Games should necessarily be an integral part of corporate parties, since games bring out competitive spirit amongst employees and also add to the excitement element. After slogging for hours in a corporate environment for most part of the year one needs a refreshing break from time to time. Game themed corporate parties are a wonderful way to break free from mundane office blues. Also in contrast to your lousy posture in office you are active for a day or two, which gives you a great sense of refreshment. Apart from games eating and drinking are an integral part of corporate parties, so one must plan the menu, well in advance. If you need to book onsite caterers one must do it well before hand. If you are hosting your corporate party in a restaurant then opting for the caterers, part is negated. All in all corporate parties are a fun affair wherein everybody gets to chill and the office hierarchy is all demolished and each one is treated as equal.

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