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The Need for Customer Service Training

346 views |11 December / 2013, Business/Training by Judy Gibson, N/A

Customer service is an integral part of any organization for its development. A lot of companies have started to recognize the importance of customer service and started concentrating on customer service tra ...

Why you need Management Skills Training?

312 views |18 December / 2013, Business/Training by Judy Gibson, N/A

Every well-established firm knows and actively adopts investing in its employees as this is where innovative ideas and top quality services begin and grow. Moreover, the new age companies demand more from it ...

Enhance Your Profile Through OBIEE

353 views |18 December / 2013, Business/Training by prasanthi, N/A

Oracle business intelligence enterprise edition is a comprehensive enterprise suite to deliver a research of new capabilities. In every organisation OBIEE is used to improve the decision making purpose ,to p ...

Better First Aid Courses And Training For Emergency Situations

338 views |8 November / 2013, Business/Training by johnnytorrt, N/A

Emergency situations can arise at any point of time. People must be quite effective to handle the emergency situations by one means or the other. Emergency situations are not handled as normal cases. There a ...

Brim with Benefits - Administrative Assistant and Customer Service Training

319 views |7 October / 2013, Business/Training by Judy Gibson, N/A

Administrative assistance can be referred to the clerical or administrative tasks that are carried out for the smooth functioning of any company. The various functions under administrative assistance incl ...

Corporate Development Has Plenty of Benefits -- Seen and Unseen

310 views |30 September / 2013, Business/Training by Hershel, N/A

The world of corporate development covers many markets, many companies, many employees and plenty of different industries. The pathways ahead of a decision marker are truly plenty, but that doesn't mean that ...

Innovate, Partner or Perish

369 views |22 December / 2012, Business/Training by Channel Dynamics, N/A

I’m not normally an early adopter, but I was one of the first people to buy a Windows mobile phone. And I loved it. It let me receive email, synced with my diary and containe ...

Importance of Human Resource in Quality Management

583 views |26 September / 2011, Business/Training by Gilbert Robbins, C-

One of the most important aspects of quality management lies with the involvement of people during all steps of the improvement process. In any organization, employees at all levels are the very essence of t ...

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