7 Signs Of Being Bullied At Workplace

Bullying is common at workplaces that demoralizes the victim and affects productivity.

Bullying is common at workplaces that demoralizes the victim and affects productivity.

Socializing at a workplace can seem quite a challenging task since you are expected to be professional as well as approachable and friendly at the same time. Hence, it can happen that senior authorities exert undue pressure and indulge in unfair activities on junior employees to show their superiority. Termed as bullying, this involves irrational behavior by a person on others and is aimed at hurting verbally, socially, psychologically or physically to indicate supremacy at the workplace. While the main aim is to prove dominance over the individual being humiliated, the victim can seek help from colleagues and resort to different actions to belittle the target person. Though bullying might be prevalent in most organizations, it often goes unnoticed and is difficult to recognize. Here are some signs, which will make you understand whether you are being bullied at the workplace. 

You are facing a biased attitude 

It might happen that you are noticing a difference of attitude from your boss over the same topic. For example, specific team members getting comparatively additional incentives even if all do the same amount of work. This could be in terms of extra free time, travel allowances or preference to them to handle new projects. You are given no valid reasons when an explanation is demanded.

You feel isolated from meetings 

When bullying reaches the highest level in an organization, it might occur that he/she might not be invited to crucial meetings and even excluded from conversations of important business mails. It can also happen that co-workers avoid discussing work in your presence and keeping minimum interaction and not giving clues. Also, you might not be invited for team parties and other events. 

Your progress is purposefully unseen 

Even if you have been a star performer and have put in all efforts by working overtime to achieve the target before a deadline, your seniors are turning a blind eye to all the work done. You might be shifted on a different project and the work done for the previous project goes unnoticed. 

You are facing needless criticism 

In spite of giving your best to accomplish the task, you are receiving constant negative feedback from the boss. Also, it can happen that in spite of achieving the target, you are opined as an unprofessional and ineffective employee in front of others by the boss. He/she is not giving you enough guidance and is always criticizing every work you do. 

Your decisions are being questioned 

Your every step is now scrutinized, whether it involves taking intuitive decisions or shuffling the assigned tasks among team members. The boss has now stopped trusting you for projects and keeps hovering at the place rather than giving proper instructions. He/she might make you feel incompetent to take decisions and at times even bombard your decision-making skills. 

You are facing verbal spats often 

Also, it happens that the person who is being bullied is constantly subjected to abusive language and is reprimanded in front of all employees in the office. The one who bullies other individuals can indulge in verbal abuse, filthy jokes, or derogatory comments, making the individual feel uncomfortable or make fun of the person when he/she is around. 

You are having tough time completing the target  

You have preplanned everything to meet the goal and all right steps have been taken to achieve, yet find it difficult to complete the task. This can occur when a senior person has purposefully created roadblocks and hindrances to undermine your performance. 

Individuals can face bullying from other employees who have the feelings of insecurity. Such people also have no empathy, are often gripped by the need to show power and diminish people. Therefore, one must identify such people and even take appropriate actions if he/she is having problems at the workplace. Try to persuade the right person to address and handle the issue amicably.  

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