5 Essential Skills Data Analysts Must Possess

Data analysts perform analysis of complex data based on which further course of action is implemented.

Data analysts perform analysis of complex data based on which further course of action is implemented.

Data analysis is the process of examining data and modeling it to discover information that can be used in effective decision-making. The data is analyzed by breaking it into parts, and examining them individually. A data analyst is the one who carries out related activities right from data accumulation to transforming it into information useful for implementing decisions. So for an individual to work as a data analyst, he/she must possess certain skills that are mentioned below.


Data analysis involves dealing with chunks of data, analyzing it, and drawing useful conclusions that can be used to draft future strategy for the company. Data analytics is a useful tool in decision-making and has multiple facets. It basically involves numerical and statistical analysis with the help of programming languages, and some of the important languages that you must learn are Python, Java, C++, and R programming. Learning three or four languages is not difficult if you are thorough with any one of the given languages and its basics, and having a hands-on experience with all the languages will open up a lot of opportunities in the field of analytics.

Data interpretation

Since a data analyst is required to handle real-time data, he must be adept in figuring out what the numbers indicate, and must be cable of evaluating trends. Completely relying on the system data and its conclusions is not advisable as it fails to give you a holistic insight, as the system might interpret data in accordance with the algorithm, but it may or may not be effective in every case. So, a data analyst must have analytical skills of his own.

Knowledge of new technologies

Data analytics is an evolving field. There are new technologies that are developing leaving the existing one's obsolete. The university curriculum is also undergoing a significant change with evolution of  machine learning and data mining. So given the shift in a paradigm in this field, it is essential for people to adapt to the changes, and re-skill themselves. So, people working in this domain must keep themselves updated with the changes occurring around them, and should be keen to learn.

Expertise in the business domain

Having expertise in the business domain which they operate is critical as they can effectively communicate with different stakeholders. Besides, having business acumen also enables them to independently execute plans that can boost profits, or take corrective actions that can cut costs. In addition to that, recruiters usually prefer candidates with a comprehensive understanding of the business, So having additional knowledge can be an advantage.

Passion to solve complex problems

Companies use analytics to gauge their existing position in the market and work on models that can help them expand their business. This is not an easy task though since the analysts need to work on complex data. The task is tedious and can be infuriating. So in order to land a job in analytics, it is essential for candidates to have good problem-solving ability. So curious people having the urge to know more, make the best data analysts as they naturally have the ability to correlate things and come up with answers to difficult questions. 

The field of data analytics is gaining a lot of popularity. Businesses these days are ready to walk the extra mile and are pro-actively working in expanding their market, and analytics has been a shot in the arm for them as they are now able to determine the areas precisely where they need to focus. The demand for data analysts has soared and opened up a lot of opportunities. To use those job opportunities, you have to build a strong resume using the data analyst resume sample available online. Hence, with the right skills and domain expertise, it is possible to be a data analyst. 

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