How To Be A Team Player In The Office

Not sure how to be a team player at work? Here’s a list of traits that every team player in the workplace has.

Not sure how to be a team player at work? Here’s a list of traits that every team player in the workplace has.

Every job and tasks in the workplace are not done by an individual. As the saying goes, “No man’s an island.” One person cannot accomplish a job alone. In fact, behind every successful work is a group of people with different skills that worked together, a team. Every company relies on a good team to get the job done. The question is, do you have what it takes to be a team player? Here are the following traits every team player should have:

1. Be active

A team player is someone who participates in the office. A participant. You don’t just sit there and work quietly. Give out ideas, suggestions, and recommendations that can help improve your output. Take the initiative. Help solve problems if one ever arises. Don’t just be compliant and stay on the sidelines; make things happen. Contribute. Your participation is a great help in the office.

2. Show flexibility

A team player is someone who can adapt to situations. Not everything always happens according to plan. Be versatile. Learn to compromise when things change in the workplace. Being stubborn is not going to take you anywhere, in fact, you’ll only be hindering the work progress with your stubbornness. Flexibility is providing what’s best for the team.

3. Be dependable

Colleagues rely and count on team players in the workplace. Meet deadlines and do your work well. You’re someone who’s consistent and responsible in your job. Know how to prioritize tasks and show good performance in your work. Learn how to work with others, after all, cooperation is a key element for others to rely on you and gain their trust. And if you ever make a mistake, don’t be afraid to own up to it. It shows that you’re accountable for your work and not afraid to accept your mistake.

4. Have good communication skills

Learn how to effectively communicate with your fellow workers. Don’t be afraid to interact with others. Know when to listen to their thoughts and ideas and when to speak up. A clear and effective communication is key to a peaceful and progressive working environment.

5. Show your dedication

Be prepared to give your 110% in doing your job. Commitment is an important factor in work. It’s not just about doing what’s needed and getting a paycheck; it’s giving a sincere and genuine passion in your job. You contribute as much as you can and you produce high quality and excellent outputs.

6. Help out whenever you can

Just because you’ve finished your job doesn’t mean you’re finished. A great team player knows how to support his/her fellow workers. Don’t be afraid to lend assistance. It doesn’t even have to be a big thing, a small aid can be a big help to them. Giving them a cup of coffee or other beverage to their liking could ease some stress. Other things that you can do is to put more paper in the photocopier, offering some advice to a colleague, and helping out someone with their computer that you have some knowledge on.

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