What To Do When You Don’t Know The Answer Of The Question?

Have you ever faced an interview question you didn’t know how to answer? Don’t panic. Here are a few tips to help you

The thought of being unable to answer an interview question is scary for the job applicants. After so much of hard work and practice, it could sometimes happen that you are not able to answer an interview questions. It could be because you simply don't know the answer or your brain just freezes. In either of the case being patient and positive could sail you through. Here are a few tips that can help you deal with such unpleasant situations:

Don’t Panic – For a successful interview, your mindset is one of the crucial ingredients. It’s ok if you don’t know the answer. Don’t panic and let the interviewer notice your nervousness. If you panic, your anxiety can screw things up.

Stay Calm – If you don’t know the answer don’t just freak out, at times your reaction is more important than the actual answer. Maintain your calm and composed posture. Don’t let your confidence dip down even for a fraction of second because if you get upset the interviewer could lose confidence in you. Being calm helps you think rationally and you could easily figure out the answer.

Ask Questions – Get into the details of the question. Sometimes you just don’t understand the question. Ask the interviewer some related questions going deeper into it and obtain as many details as possible. This will help you figure out what exactly the interviewer is looking for and also will but you some time to think about your response.

Answer The Bit you Know – It is possible that you may not know the exact answer to the question but you are aware of the topic. In such a scenario tell the interviewer whatever you know. Speak out whatever is going in your mind. In this process, you may find the answer to the asked question and the interviewer gets to know your thought process and problem-solving ability that may fetch you some positive points.

Be Honest – Never fake your answer, it can let you down. Even after thinking if you are not able to figure out the answer, be honest. Tell the interviewer that you don’t know the answer upfront but you will definitely get back with the answers during the follow-ups. Showing a little honesty may make take you closer to your dream job.

Answer When You Follow Up – If you are totally unaware about the answer, the best thing you could do is to get back with the answer in your follow-up communication. This shows that you are persistent and hardworking.

Things to remember here is that the hiring manager is not only interested in your detailed response but they are also interested in knowing your capability to handle pressure situations.

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