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E-Disclosure & Digital Forensics

370 views |30 September / 2013, Computers/Computer Forensics by SachaWard, N/A

E-disclosure and digital forensics go hand-in-hand. All e-disclosure exercises should be underpinned by digital forensics principles. If you do not adopt a forensically sound approa ...

What Is a Computer Virus and How Do You Get Rid of Them

412 views |16 April / 2013, Computers/Computer Forensics by Tim Davis, N/A

A computer virus can be explained as malicious software which spreads to other computers when inserted. It can even damage a machine. A computer virus can spread through any mode of transfer of digital da ...

Catching Cybercriminals by Mining Data

631 views |21 October / 2011, Computers/Computer Forensics by eccuni, N/A

Like Tom and Jerry, security experts and computer forensics play a cat and mouse game between them and cybercriminals and fraudsters – in fact, like Jerry, bad guys always have the upper h ...

Laptop Vs Desktop PC

987 views |10 September / 2011, Computers/Computer Forensics by James Coope, D

With the advent of computers or more specifically Personal computers, machines such as Typewriters have almost faced a situation equivalent to that of dinosaurs. Computers revolutionized the way humans think ...

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