The Importance Of Sharing Information Securely

In our internet driven digital world, data is said to be the new oil.

As of now, there is an all-time high in terms of efforts put on data. A huge number of people are now working on storing, sharing, securing and communicating the data and information securely. 

Also, with data being the key to many insights, deciphering the vital information from the given data is highly necessary as well. Data Science, Machine Learning, and Big Data have emerged as indispensable technologies of our times. 

While data and information are ever expanding, the need for secure information sharing has been skyrocketing. Lack of secure methods to communicate information has led to many critical issues in the past. As of now, the magnitude of data has increased to an extent wherein branches like Big Data are exclusively there for dealing with data. 

Today, communication is everything. We are spending a huge amount of time communicating with others on a daily basis. Our communication ranges from trivial to important and to highly confidential as well. For data and information that is either important or confidential needs to have a secure communication system. For secure information sharing, we need to have three aspects in any given system— Integrity, Confidentiality and Availability. 

For secure information sharing, all these three aspects are of prime importance. Also, non-repudiation must be taken into consideration. As of now, sharing information in a secure manner can be made possible by only a few services. Internet of Things and Blockchain are two technologies that can be used for building systems that can make information sharing secure. 

In many business agreements and proceedings, a lot of information needs to be exchanged and processed. When information sharing is involved, one must definitely take care of the level of security with which the sharing happens. 

First and foremost, one must check all the third party agreements before partnering with any business wherein information sharing is extensively done. Also, performing a third party audit is an even better solution. One cannot completely rely on an outside party’s agreement. Scrutiny from our side is a must. 

Also, access must be restricted as well. In settings wherein sensitive data and information are dealt with, the access to the business systems must be restricted and tightly monitored. Apart from this, regular data audits are a must to understand how your data is stored and where it’s stored. 

Implementing methods like multi-factor authentication will keep security breaches at bay. At the same time, one must invest in good security experts and check the system. Security breach protocols must be clearly communicated. In the wake of an unintended consequence, one must be fully aware of what must be done to prevent any further damage. 

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