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How Gamification Will Impact Corporate Learning

5 views |17 August / 2017, Computers/E-Learning by EIDesign, C

Background Before getting into the specifics of how gamification will impact corporate learning, let’s quickly look at the basics. I begin by using 3 questions from my article on G ...

Examples Of Mobile Learning To Boost Employee Engagement

64 views |10 August / 2017, Computers/E-Learning by EIDesign, C

Mobile learning is acknowledged as a key training delivery format by organizations across the world. It is used extensively as a modern training approach that is learner centric and facilitates an ongoing ...

E-learning – It’s All About Knowing Your Learners

38 views |4 July / 2017, Computers/E-Learning by Delnaz Edulji, C

It is important to consider your audience and their mindset when creating an e-learning course, as the project’s success is fully dependent on these aspects. Simply putting together a bunch of information ...

The CRM Software Canada Companies Need

393 views |29 May / 2013, Computers/E-Learning by Derrick Trimble, C-

Canada is a big place with some of the most picturesque landscapes in the world. When you get into the province of Alberta, you will inevitably see a city called Calgary. This is a rapidly growing city th ...

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