A Contact-Sharing App That Actually Works for You

You can find all the information about the NameDropApp. how it going to make your Form filling faster and easier.

Have you ever used a networking app that turns out useless because nobody has it or it’s not supported on other devices?

Are you the go-getter who does a lot of contact sharing, but is looking for better ways to connect with others?

Say “Hello” to NameDrop, the mobile sharing app that knows no boundaries, letting you share info with anyone on any device, even if the other person doesn’t have the app!

Just type the other person’s phone number or email address into NameDrop, and instantly share details you allow to be shared, be it personal or work.

Whether it’s sharing personal details, acting as an e-business card, or a combination of the two, NameDrop is a utility app that works for you.

Through this exchange, NameDropApp has solutions to the major problems traditionally associated with sharing info:

  • Problem #1: When you share your info directly from the contact book, it shares everything.

    Not everyone needs to know details you’d rather keep private.

    You might feel comfortable letting someone know just your work info, but you feel less comfortable letting them know where you sleep at night.

    NameDrop Solution: Alternate between a personal and work info toggle, then select and unselect what you want to share.

  • Problem #2: You hand someone your business card, but there’s no guarantee you end up in their contact book.

    You met a great contact or a potential customer, but you’re worried the card you gave will will end up in one big pile, never to be looked at again.

    NameDrop Solution: By info sharing to the person via NameDrop, you will be in their contact book, and you’ve strengthened that connection.

  • Problem #3: Security concerns

    Nobody wants their info to end up in the hands of the bad guys.

    NameDropSolution: Multi-layer encryption, password protection, and your info is not stored on a server or any third-party network.

Flexibility and versatility? Check.

Making yourself known on your terms? Check.

Security? Check.

There are things in life you can’t control, but you are always in control when using NameDrop.

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