Pros And Cons To Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a great way to manage and share your data, from just about anywhere you have Internet access.

Many small businesses are finding their silver lining when it comes to cloud computing. However, with the good sometimes also comes the bad, and in some circumstances that silver lining gets a little tarnished. Here are a few pros and cons to utilizing cloud computing technology:


  • Savings – Cloud computing is basically utilizing a network of remote servers to store, manage and process data. This means your need for an internal server and a dedicated Information Technology (IT) specialist is minimal. Even if you use a cloud subscription service, the costs are far less than what you would pay for hardware and a full-time employee or IT contractor.
  • Production – Cloud computing gives you the ability to access your data from almost anywhere, and it allows you to share data in real time with other people so you can collaborate in real time. This helps to save time and increase production.
  • Disaster recovery – Cloud computing utilizes redundant backups of your data, so if something happens to the “original” information, copies can quickly and easily be accessed. Unless you regularly backup your in-house data regularly and keep it protected, a disaster to your server could permanently wipe out your stored materials.


  • Connectivity – Let’s face it, the Internet sometimes experiences glitches. Whether it’s caused by bad weather, hardware failures, cyber-attacks, or you just don’t have a good connection when traveling, if you can’t link to Internet service, you can’t access your data.
  • Migration – There are a number of cloud computing providers. If you get to a point where you are unhappy with the service you are receiving from your current provider and wish to move your data to another, it may be a very difficult process, depending the relationship the two servers have and their particular capabilities.
  • Control – Cloud computing services are independently managed and monitored by the company that owns the infrastructure. In which case, they may only allow you to access front-end functions when it comes to your data. You may not have access to key administrative tasks.

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