You can Use This Programming Language to Run Simulations

Today in tech - You can Use This Programming Language to Run Simulations 10 Times Faster & Cyclotron - A Self-Driving.

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You can Use This Programming Language to Run Simulations 10 Times Faster

Simulations are tough business – considering the level of data required for each aspect being analyzed. To make things easier, MIT researchers have released a new programming language that runs simulations upto 10 times faster than existing languages offering simulation capabilities. The project was a collaboration between MIT, University of California at Berkeley, Adobe, University of Toronto, Texas A&M, and the University of Texas.

“Simit is a new programming language that makes it easy to compute on sparse systems using linear algebra. Simit programs are typically shorter than Matlab programs yet are competitive with hand-optimized code and also run on GPUs.The Simit compiler takes care of exploiting sparsity and other optimizations, leading to code that is often simpler than Matlab yet comparable in performance to hand-optimized C++,” explains their website.

The compilation process in Simit is not that dissimilar from existing simulation systems, however, it has some notable differences: “With Simit, you build a graph that describes your sparse system. You then compute on the system in two ways: locally or globally,” they explain, “Local computations apply update functions to each vertex or edge of the graph that update local state based on the vertex or the edge and its endpoints. Global computations also start locally with functions applied to each vertex or edge. After this assembly, you can compute using normal linear algebra on the global vectors and matrices, and resulting vectors can be stored back to graph fields.”

Cyclotron - A Self-Driving Motorcycle based on Tron Light Cycle

Initially inspired by the Tron Light Cycle and Lit Motors self-balancing C1, the Cyclotron is a self-driving motorcycle in which passengers can sit facing each other. It has an in-built gyroscopic system to maintain stability and position while driving.

“Each Cyclotron would recharge with wireless power transfer and would be allowed to buy and sell electricity in real time to other nearby vehicles depending each vehicle’s stores and requirements. The interior of the Cyclotron would feature two adjustable seats. Both butterfly doors would be able open and drop you off on either side of the street since the bike can travel in both directions,” according to designer Charles Bombardier.

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