Revbits Cybersecurity Platform Is A One Stop Forensic Command Center

A unified dashboard, with automated and intuitive interactions, will simplify security forensics.

Crime scene forensic investigations are at the heart of some of the most popular shows on TV. Based upon the ratings, we are collectively fascinated by the process of digging through layers of evidence and unearthing the clues that point to that “Aha!!” moment. But the length of a movie or television show can’t fully capture the hours, days and weeks that may be required to detect, gather and analyze the data that reveals and confirms the cause and the culprit.

Cybersecurity experts can’t carry out the long and laborious investigative process afforded their real or imaginary crime scene counterparts. There is an urgency involved in cyber threats that requires an immediate response and a scramble to mitigate before disaster befalls the enterprise. Without the right products and tools to facilitate an expedient detection and resolution, security teams will waste precious minutes, and possibly hours, before collecting the data they require to thwart an attack and minimize damage.

Now, that’s assuming their cybersecurity system actually picks up on all potential dangers. Without unification between all security functions and complete visibility, threat activity may go undetected and work its insidious way throughout the enterprise network.

Forensic collaboration needs a designated meeting place

The efforts of security analysts are greatly hampered when they must conduct a fragmented investigation riddled with security gaps and poor visibility that causes them to miss crucial data intelligence. Trying to collate siloed reports generated from separate security alerts and functions will delay the kind of rapid data sharing needed for a proactive defense.

Instead of multiple security solutions spread over a scattered IT landscape, security teams need one single environment to monitor, with a centralized 360-degree view into all security products for data aggregation, collation and immediate analysis. A unified dashboard, with automated and intuitive interactions, will simplify security forensics and empower analysts with data insights and control at their fingertips in real-time.

RevBits Cyber Intelligence Platform is a forensic super sleuth

In this continual fight against cyber crime, security teams must reach for the most powerful solutions available. Divided bloodhounds, chasing the scent, will not win the war. RevBits CIP includes a full set of best-in-class cybersecurity products integrated into one intuitive dashboard.

RevBits security products and modules

Email Security

    • RevBits Endpoint Email Security – also referred to as integrated cloud email security (ICES)
    • RevBits Secure Email Gateway (SEG)

Endpoint Security

    • Advanced Exploit Detection
    • Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)
    • Centralized Endpoint Management

Deception Technology

Privileged Access Management

    • Privileged Session Management
    • Privileged Access Management
    • Service Account Management
    • Password Management
    • Key Management
    • Certificate Management
    • CI/CD Access Management

Zero Trust Networking (ZTN)

Providing a single command center for easy detection and enhanced reaction speed, RevBits CIP empowers enterprise security with the rapid response and mitigation capabilities they need.

Seamlessly integrating data from all onboarded security products, the dashboard collects, aggregates, coalesces, processes and preserves all data, greatly simplifying and accelerating threat detection and resolution. The RevBits platform provides endpoint security with a unique 3-phase analysis on all new executables that includes; Signature Scanning, Machine Learning and Behavioral Analysis. This three-fold approach maximizes malware detection accuracy, while decreasing the incidence of false positives.

Imagine Sherlock Holmes, Abby Scuito, and “Bones” Brennan rolled into one investigative super hero. RevBits single intuitive dashboard easily performs the work of many, detecting anomalous activity throughout a cross functional multilayered security stack, with just a few clicks. A single analyst can quickly view timelines, tactics, and steps taken for suspicious and malicious activities within minutes.

RevBits CIP enables seamless and simplified navigation for increased productivity and effectiveness. It leverages analytics and automation for greater impact by protecting business assets rather than reacting to false positives. Analysts have ready access to machine learning score graphs, virus scan indicators, process trees and radar graphs. Additionally, RevBits CIP links to the MITRE Attack framework database for even broader coverage.

RevBits Cyber Intelligence Platform provides everything you need to unearth the clues, solve the crime and thwart the bad guys. It’s the whole forensic team at your fingertips.

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