Visual Captcha: An Effective Alternative

An alternative to text based captcha is known as Visual Captcha

CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) is a type of test that is commonly used in this age of modern computing in order to identify if the user is human or not. It is dependent on the user’s challenge-response. However, there are instances wherein text based captchas displayed vulnerability from machine attacks, thus, other forms of captchas were created by researchers.

The most popular alternative to text based captcha includes image recognition, which is also known as “Visual Captcha”. In this variation of computer initiated human validation, the user is presented with varied image options that he/she must correctly identify. Analysts pointed out that the task of recognizing objects are much more complex than typing simple texts, therefore visual captcha execution is much more reliable in withstanding machine learning-based attacks.

Some examples of Visual Captcha:

More and more businesses are now taking advantage of using Visual Captcha in their company websites because it promotes better customer engagement and highly-improved security. This type of captcha can be enhanced in many ways due to its flexibility in working with different frameworks and website environments.

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