Spam As An Online Security Risk In The Workplace

Business Email spam must be immediately identified, filtered and avoided because they can be dangerous.

Spam refers to the usage of electronic communication systems in order to send out unwanted and repetitive advertising messages. The term "Spam" was derived from a Monty Python sketch from the 70's, wherein two customers tried to order breakfast from a menu that includes Spam in almost every dish. The canned luncheon meat is usually perceived as unlikable in certain countries, so the stereotypical appeal of the food was transferred to electronic spams by means of analogy.

The most common type of this modern-day nuisance is Email Spam also known as "Junk email", however, there are also other forms of media spamming such as: Instant Messaging, Newsgroup and Forum, Mobile Phone, Social Networking and Online Game Messaging Spams. The email addresses of the recipients are usually collected from customer lists, chat rooms, newsgroups or websites. Moreover, some computer viruses and bots (collection bots) are created to specifically harvest email addresses from computers and networks which are then sold to spammers. At present, receiving unsolicited messages like these are unavoidable, thus, being involved in deploying spam activities are considered illegal in the United States.

Most email spams have commercial or advertising messages and are usually sent out by spammers in bulk or through multiple posting. There are also instances, wherein the messages may contain links that are presumably from familiar websites, but will eventually lead you to a different site that hosts malwares or redirect you to phishing websites. In this regard, spam is definitely designed as a major online security risk especially in the workplace, where large volume of data may be compromised.

Company email and IP addresses are main targets of electronic spamming because the direct impact of unauthorized manipulation of sensitive and valuable information in these domains are much greater than the threat that commonly applies to regular individual email accounts. Business Email spams must be immediately identified, filtered and avoided because they always carry potentially dangerous content and malicious software. Practice internet safety at all times, not only in your office but also in your own stay protected from Email Spam which is also known as "Junk email.

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