On-Premise versus Cloud-based Software

Here’s a short list of advantages for both options that can help you determine which solution is more cost-effective

In the IT community, the choice between adopting cloud-based solutions versus installing on-premise data management software is always a debatable topic. Although many companies are already taking advantage of storing data on the cloud, some businesses still prefer traditional on-premise communication equipment. Both platforms offer its own advantages over the other; therefore, choosing between the two options would really depend on your business needs.

For many business owners, deciding to go for cloud-based or on-premise software can be a very difficult decision to make. Here’s a short list of advantages for both options that can help you determine which solution is more cost-effective.

On Premise:

  1. Less third-party dependency
  2. More robust customization options
  3. Seamless integration capability
  4. Controlled physical location
  5. Full security and data control

Cloud Based:

  1. Reduced hardware, software and internal IT expenses
  2. No upfront capital cost
  3. Fast set-up and implementation
  4. Flexibility to work anywhere
  5. Scalability

Whether you prefer to go with cloud-based or on-premise platforms, taking a closer look at your business requirement is still part of the selection process. The fundamental advantages of each software solution can definitely lead to higher client satisfaction level and better telephone systems if integrated seamlessly to your existing communication environment.

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