Kookaburra Chronicles: What Parents Have To Say

As we all know Kookaburra is an emotion, connection, and lifeline, let’s look at what makes us so special.

As we all know Kookaburra is an emotion, connection, and lifeline, let’s look at what makes us so special. Parents of our Little Kookaburites have some cherished emotions put to words for the world.

Shilpa Shetty shares how Kookaburra enriched her Parenting journey

Shilpa Shetty, a very well-renowned Indian actress and TV personality and Raj Kundra, Parents of Viaan and Samisha share how Kookaburra has played a vital role in uplifting their parental journey through parent counselling during the 1st interaction of Viaan with Kookaburra. They also endorse Kookaburra with Tejal Mehta Maam’s invaluable guidance beyond expectations. She shares that she used to wonder why are there so many rules in Kookaburra at first but after having a good experience of 3 years of Viaan’s play school she came to know that Kookaburra is for making your child something more than what others are! Wanting a better future for Samisha she did not hesitate to put her in Kookaburra as she knew they handle TAKE CARE kids with so much care and make them extra-ordinary.

What Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as a Mother has to say about Kookaburra:

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, yet another renowned Indian actress, and mother of Aaradhya shares her unique experience with Kookaburra. Their distinctive concept of child development was seeded by Tejal Miss, to build a strong foundation of values in Aaradhya. Something very close to her heart, she always saw a spark in her child’s eyes and a small little twinkling smile when she left Kookaburra. For any parent, their children’s happiness and comfort are of optimal concern and that’s exactly what Kookaburra delivered.

What Udit Narayan and his son Aditya Narayan have to share as Chief Guest to the annual day 2024

Well-known singer, Udit Narayan and his son Aditya Narayan attended Kookaburra’s Annual Day held on the 30th of March. They were overwhelmed to see great performances performed by small Kookaburraites. They saw the art of elegance in their performance to encourage them to continue cultural performance in the future. Aditya Narayan and Udit Narayan blessed everyone’s ears with one of the masterpiece songs ‘Main Nikla Gadi Leke’.

Why choose Kookaburra, the best preschool in Mumbai

Imagine a preschool where learning feels like a joyful adventure, and teachers are nurturing companions on your child’s journey. Kookaburra isn’t just a preschool; it’s an emotion – a vibrant community rooted in love, trust, and honesty.

Here, the connection between child, teacher, and parent is as strong and nurturing as an umbilical cord. Kookaburra becomes a lifeline of support, offering companionship and guidance for parents as their little ones blossom.

We believe the magic of love is the most powerful emotion a child can learn. Our expert nurturers go beyond academics, fostering positive emotions that equip children to be successful and compassionate human beings.

Self-awareness is the key at Kookaburra. We focus on the virtues of mindfulness, nurturing a child’s inner compass to guide their growth.

Our curriculum isn’t about rote memorization or screen time. We believe in experiential learning, where children become active explorers of their sensory world. Through play and exploration, we lay the foundation for lifelong learning, instilling core values and a love for discovery.

At Kookaburra, your child’s heart and mind will flourish, preparing them for a life filled with happiness and success.

Let your kid be exposed to the outside world, out of their comfort zone but in a homely yet enriching environment. Here at Kookaburra, the best preschool in Mumbai, build toddlers’ foundational skills for life. Providing great values, education and skills while keeping safety as a priority for your kid is the main motto.

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