Tips For Becoming A Successful Fashion Stylist

In your endeavour to become a Fashion Stylist, you will get to attend many events fashion weeks, etc.

1.    Learn about the fabrics

You have to learn the names of various fabrics available in the market. Understand the various draping style, garment construction, different fabrics used for these purposes. You can easily compare pants and shirts you own to the pricier stuff, and observe the differences in cuts, patterns and design. As you notice more and more designer clothes, you will be able to look at the style and name the designer without having to look at their tags.

2.    Stay on top of trends

Know the latest trends on the runway. Attend the fashion events across the nation; follow international fashion weeks like Paris Fashion Week and designers on the internet. This will help you to understand what is trending and what a complete no-no is. Do not forget to subscribe to fashion magazines or apps as they are an excellent source of such information.  While you follow high-end brands collection, also keep track of smaller labels with excellent Word of Mouth.

3.    Network and build relationships

This skill comes handy for a stylish. In your endeavour to become a Fashion Stylist, you will get to attend many events fashion weeks, etc. ensure you meet people, talk to them, make friends with them. Knowing a photographer, designer, editor, journalist, filmmaker, model, the make-up artist is a great weapon for any stylish. However, remember there is much aspiring fashion stylist out there doing the same. So let your relationships grow with the important stakeholders of this industry organically. Be professional in your approach and be approachable in a friendly manner for others. 

4.    Prepare for the crisis

Being a fashion stylist demands you to see into the future and preempt anything that may go wrong and prepare well in advance accordingly. A stylist is always well equipped with instruments and knowledge that he/she may need when they expect it the least. So learn stress management, one cannot panic have a solution-oriented approach to resolving such crisis.

Apart from the skills mentioned above, there is a lot that goes into a making of a fashion stylist. Pearl Academy offers a 4 year UG pathway and 2 year PG pathway in Fashion Design & Image Design that gives hands-on learning and industry exposure at an early stage.

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