How To Choose The Best Boarding Schools In London

Many of the sought-after boarding schools are in the UK, with a good number of them in London.

Many of the sought-after boarding schools are in the UK, with a good number of them in London.

Their popularity with both parents and students alike is evident around the world due to the prestige they offer, as well as for the world-class education and one-of-a-kind experience they provide to every pupil. Choosing the best boarding schools in London may be an overwhelming process as you need to consider factors like specialisms, the environment or surroundings, the religious affiliations, and the variety of students they produce. Consider this guide to choosing the right school:

  • Know the basics – There are general considerations when picking the best boarding schools in London, like the academic credentials. Make sure your child will receive only top-notch education from the school. Look into league tables, which can be a good indication of the proportion of students getting the top grades. This way, you can have a basis when comparing schools. Get to know the academic facilities, too, as well as the qualifications and range of subjects, and sizes of classes.
  • Involve your child in the process – Make sure he or she is involved when choosing the schools, so you can be confident that they will go to a school where they feel they would be happy and thrive.
  • Co-educational or single-sex? - Some boarding schools in London will accept only boys or girls, while others accept both. Single-sex boarding schools have a different culture, so think and reflect about this carefully to make sure that this type of environment will be suitable for your child.
  • Know the school’s standard of living & care – The best boarding schools in London will look after your child to his or her best interests but be sure to look into their living quarters and quality of pastoral care. The right schools are accredited and members of industry bodies that regularly inspect them, like the Independent Schools Council and Boarding Schools Association.
  • The number of international pupils – Find out the ratio of international students to local ones. The best boarding schools in London have a good mix of nationalities, and English is the language spoken by everyone in and outside the classrooms.
  • Talk to the experts – Look for a global boarding schools’ placements consultancy firm that is based in London. They can help you pick independent and state boarding schools and assist in getting your child into one of the leading boarding schools in London. is one of the best educational experts and professional consultants in the UK. They offer vast options of the best UK, Switzerland, USA boarding schools and help parents throughout the application process of getting into the best British, American, Swiss boarding schools. For more details, contact or visit their website soon!

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