Advantages Of Cbse Over Other State Boards

Most parents will have this dilemma in your heads as to which board should my child study

Most parents will have this dilemma in your heads as to which board should my child study. Should opt for the CBSE or State Board has always been a never-ending debate. This decision will create a divide within the student community and your child will come out to be different too not only in attitudes but also in aptitude. Many parents today are rushing into an unresearched decision that can break your child’s career. Before we take a leap into which board of education overpowers the other, let us understand the 2 education boards in brief.  

Whether you should opt for the CBSE or State Board has always been a never-ending debate. The student community is divided when it comes to forming an opinion on this matter. Many end up taking bad decisions, which ultimately affect their career badly. Although there are certain advantages of CBSE over State Boards, some other factors seem to work in favor of State Boards. It has therefore become very crucial for students to know the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of boards. Let’s first start by knowing more about both the boards in brief.

State Board

As a parent, you have to understand that each state in India has its own state board. Additionally, the administrative authorities overpower the educational ministry of that respective state. All the state boards differ not only in their educational structure and examination pattern but also its syllabus. Because of these differentiating parameters at the very base level, it’s practically impossible to compare the results of two different state boards. Not being centralized at the national level, admissions in each of them have been proved tedious. Many are of the opinion that State boards do not concentrate on syllabus alterations hence it doesn’t meet expected standards. If you are sure to not travel states with work ensuring your child will pursue their education in one state only, then state board education can be an advantage. 

CBSE Board

Let’s start with what CBSE stands for. CBSE is The Central Board for Secondary Education. Unlike the state board, It’s the national board of our country. Here in CBSE. the educational material and teaching methodologies are kept in mind with the national interests of the country as a whole. CBSE board is considered to be tougher compared to the state board but is more student-friendly and up to date. If you wish your child to pursue higher education in some nationalized Institute CBSE is the best option you can choose.

Advantages of CBSE over State Boards

There are many advantages of CBSE board over State Boards. Here, we’ve listed some critical ones for you to easily decide the better board for your child.
1. Student Friendliness: CBSE is a lot more student-friendly than State Boards. CBSE course structure and syllabus is designed to make certain that students do not face a lot of pressure. Additionally, CBSE books are made interactive and interesting so that children don’t find the syllabus monotonous. Also, each chapter has an activity involved which makes your learning more experiential compared to textbook knowledge. CBSE aims to make the whole learning process efficient and healthy.
2. Positive student examination environment: CBSE exams ensure a positive environment for students. The efforts are directed towards understanding the process and not root learning the process. Here, they ensure that CBSE students are not encouraged to mug up things to pass the exams. The examination papers are created in such a way that the students’ learning is judged. The results are mostly favorable compared to the state board and you must have heard that very few students fail this exam.
3. Future studies in centralized institutes: If you are looking for further studies in IITs and IIM’s you must consider a CBSE board to ensure a strong foundation. The entrance exams and preliminary exams of these institutions are organized by the CBSE education board. Studying in a CBSE board will additionally get you an edge over others if you have done your primary and secondary education in CBSE board.
4. Aims to Impart Allover Quality Knowledge: CBSE not only imparts quality knowledge (i.e. book knowledge) to its students but also ensures overall physical and mental growth through sports and co-curricular activities. Co-Cucurricular activities are very critical for the overall growth for the child and also builds them as a person over and above academic knowledge. CBSE board also encourages its students to pursue sports alongside studies, and a lot of emphasis is given to the physical growth of the children. Lately, Music and dance have gained immense importance alongside studies. It not only teaches you an art form but also is a great stress buster with today’s fast-paced lifestyles. It also teaches the students to be good citizens of the country and above all good humans keeping overall growth in mind.
5. Flexible syllabus:  CBSE offers a lot of flexibility to the students to pursue their fields of interest. At each stage of education, students are given a choice to study in their field of interest and there is no compulsion to pick a certain stream. E.g. Pick a language instead of Hindi/Marathi. Also, IT (Information Technology) has gained tremendous importance and hence it’s a critical op-in subject which today’s kids are keen to opt for. This kind of syllabus flexibility also encompasses new technology and new subjects to keep your child up-to-date with current trends. These additional activities alongside education instill a sense of confidence in the students and eventually helps them to believe in the system.

Expert Advice:

Above are some noteworthy advantages of CBSE over State Boards. Before you finalize a board for your little one, we recommend you have a clear vision of your aspirations and future planning.

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