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Benefits of Private Tutoring

514 views |11 September / 2013, Education/Homeschooling by Dustin Kerr, D

In an increasingly competitive world, it is becoming harder to excel at studies. With new ideas and concepts being added to the curriculum, the scope of education has become wider. Unlike the old days, educa ...

How Tutors Shape Our Lives

417 views |15 June / 2013, Education/Homeschooling by Dustin Kerr, D

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge". - Albert Einstein. Education restricted to schools is a common occurrence, but various instances affirm ...

Home Tutoring Services

495 views |2 March / 2013, Education/Homeschooling by Dustin Kerr, D

Home tutoring provides a great way to educate your child, while allowing them to have the full attention of the teacher. It will also stop the need for you child to feel like they have to compete with other ...

Advantages of Hiring a Home Tutor

557 views |29 January / 2013, Education/Homeschooling by Dustin Kerr, D

Education is important for everyone. Without a proper education, it is difficult to get anywhere in life and it is very necessary for our overall development. Many schooling systems which are prevalent in so ...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Tutoring

811 views |13 December / 2012, Education/Homeschooling by Dustin Kerr, D

The world is becoming increasingly competitive, and because of this, people need more skills and better information to face the challenges of tomorrow. Because of the importance of education, and because not ...

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