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Credit Card Delinquency in America

377 views |27 August / 2015, Finance/Credit by Asha Pandey, C-

Do you ever wonder how well the credit card industry is doing? The health of the credit card industry is measured by how cardholders are making payments on their debt; late payments or failure to pay on the ...

Credit Repair Companies Do a Lot of Leg Work

440 views |6 May / 2015, Finance/Credit by Asha Pandey, C-

Do you have bad credit?  It can happen to anyone.  Bad credit can result from almost anything, and it can make your life a lot more difficult.  But this doesn’t need to be the case.  If you have bad cr ...

Evaluate Firm’s Financial Position Using Company Credit Check

533 views |9 April / 2014, Finance/Credit by PaulRedpath, N/A

In today’s shaky times, when many countries are gradually recovering from recession, lending cash to a firm, merging with an existing firm or acquiring a new one is often seen as a risky investment. Your d ...

Should I Transfer Debt to Interest Free Credit Cards

402 views |24 July / 2013, Finance/Credit by Sam Jones, C-

If you have debt on a credit card right now, paying it off can take years and years and mean a lot of extra interest charges. Being buried in a pile of consumer debt can be overwhelming, and interest free cr ...

Unemployed? Get a (Free Credit Report UK)

560 views |17 December / 2013, Finance/Credit by Sam Jones, C-

If you're in the job market, it might come as a surprise to find out that even if you got a job offer it could all be derailed when they pull your credit report. A poor credit score impacts more than just a ...

How to Pay off Your Credit Cards with Free Debt Management

876 views |18 December / 2013, Finance/Credit by Sam Jones, C-

Dealing with debt can be scary. Although you may have heard people encourage you toward leading a debt-free lifestyle, the reality is that facing your debt can be overwhelming. If you've never talked openly ...

Tips on How to Improve Credit Ratings

614 views |19 December / 2013, Finance/Credit by Sam Jones, C-

Nearly everyone knows that if you have a poor credit history, you will discover that it is more difficult to obtain a new credit account or open up a loan of any kind (automobile, mortgage, student, or insta ...

Myths When You Order Your Free Credit Check Online

675 views |19 December / 2013, Finance/Credit by Sam Jones, C-

There are myriad myths floating around that can give consumers a false sense of security or a false sense of hopelessness about their credit standing, depending on their credit history and credit score. Know ...

Bankruptcy changes to hurt those hurting most!

1,083 views |2 February / 2011, Finance/Credit by Daniel Staniland, N/A

The Insolvency Service (UK) has made changes to how they deal with Income Payments Agreements and Income Payments Orders for those who are subject to Bankruptcy. The changes are universal affecting all those ...

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