Cryptocurrency Forum list and Information

A Cryptocurrency forum list available to use for all fans of Cryptocurrency.

A Cryptocurrency forum list available to use for all fans of Cryptocurrency.

Way back in 2009 Bitcoin was released on SorceForge and since then Cryptocurrency has been gaining from strength to strength. Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin in particular has made many millionaires since then.

Today many Coins have been launched, with new launches of Cryptocurrency Coins happening more frequently. The top ones to date would be Ethereum and Litecoin to name but a few.

To new investors this must look like a candy shop of opportunity to make some quick bucks, but be warned there be snakes lying in the grass waiting for you to fund some scam Coin and Startup. Too be certain of avoiding such money traps it is best to do your research and only invest in something that has a sound foundation and direction.

To help with that there is a plethora of outlets on the internet that guide you in the right decisions to avoid such snakes, like Youtube, Reddit and some other popular and and not so popular Cryptocurrency discussion forums.

I took the liberty to name a few Cryptocurrency forums here: is great place for getting help and guidance for Cryptocurrency  related purchases. This is an established community that has many experienced users. is another community that seems to be growing well. It doesn't have the same amount of users as many of the more popular forums but hey this website has the same potential as any of the big hitters. is a relatively new community. If you like to help seed a possible popular forum for the future, then this community is for you. It has a few members and is built on the user friendly Xenforo forum script.

So there you go a random selection of popular and not so popular trustworthy forums to help you along with your Cryptocurrecy investments. I also made a top 5 Cryptocurrency forum list here, if anyone is interested. And hey if you want to be included in this article [list], you can hit me up at my email, shameey [@] or leave a comment below.

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