How To Choose An Instrument & Instrument Coverage For Child?

Music is a source of relaxation and happiness for children

Music is a source of relaxation and happiness for children

It is recommended that kids learn to play at least one instrument or opt for singing lessons, when in school. It helps relieve them of the academic stress.

According to Atarah Ben-Tovim and Douglas Boyd's book "The Right Instrument for your Child", nine out of ten children learn how to play an instrument. Those who fail to learn an instrument are the ones who have selected a wrong instrument. It is important for your choice of instrument to meet the individual personality needs as well. This will create the passion and the zeal to learn it, and further in music.

Here we will discuss the personality requirements for the individual instrument choices made by people

  • Concert flute: This instrument is most often played by children who are shy and love staying in their own world. They are dreamy and are wrapped up in creating their characters and story, which is distant from the world that is. This instrument suits them perfectly as it allows them to create the music in loneliness. A child with strong and dominant personality is less likely to play the instrument or find any happiness playing it
  • Clarinet: A sociable child who is both bright and alert finds solace playing this instrument. The child will showcase varied interests and delve into a wide range of hobbies
  • Oboe: The stubborn introverts will take up this instrument. If you observe the oboe players within an orchestra, you will see that they are a small clan that keeps to themselves. These kids are introverts
  • Saxophone: If your child is absentminded or very casual about most things in life, then they will choose this instrument over others. The saxophone is for those who are not seeking a teacher but want to create good music with friends over leisure hours
  • Trumpet: Sociable children or those who are dominant and aggressive, the trumpet favors both types of personalities. It is basically the best choice for the independent children
  • Trombone: If your child prefers hanging out with a small group, is persistent and hard working but, does not mix with others easily, then this is the instrument that you should get them. It is a difficult instrument but, for those who like challenges, this is the apt choice
  • Tuba: If your child is good natured and leads from behind the curtains, than this is the apt choice for them
  • Violin: This is for the quiet and well-behaved child. They will be able to contribute their lessons to a group rather than playing alone
  • Viola: It is the choice of a responsive child who works in a group
  • Drums: If your child is nervous, highly irritable, restless than the drums is the perfect choice for them

Purchasing the instrument comes with investing in instrument coverage. You should make sure you have insured the instrument, else you will have to pay for the damages and replacements from your pockets. Choice of the ideal coverage depends on the provider's experience and expertise in insurance solutions.

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