These Are The 5 Benefits Of Leasing Your Office Space

Several business owners are often confused between buying and leasing a commercial office space.

When it comes to small businesses or start-up companies, leasing makes sense, given the fact that they do not have sufficient capital at the time of commencement. The current trend, however, is that new businesses usually start off by leasing a property in Yangon, and when they get on their feet, they build or buy an office for themselves. Here are some reasons why leasing your office space is a good idea:

Cost Effective:

The costs associated with leasing an office space is much lower when compared to rent. It is also possible for you to make negotiations with the owner to agree upon a comfortable price. This is because, lease is usually paid in bulk unlike rentals that are paid on a periodical basis. Therefore, it is highly likely that the landlord might listen to your needs.

Freedom & Flexibility:

When you lease a property in Yangon, it is easy for you to switch your business location, should you dislike the present area for some reason. There can be several reasons why a business location will have to be shifted from one location to another and leasing an office space makes it effortless for a business to switch locations when needed.

No Mortgages:

You can bid goodbye to mortgages once you have leased a property in Yangon. Mortgage refers to the money that you borrow from a bank and pay interest for it in return. Leasing an office space doesn’t make you locked in a mortgage loan, thus letting you use your cash for other major investments. This is particularly helpful for new businesses.

Reduced Responsibilities:

If you are leasing an office space, you will get to know that there are fewer responsibilities for you, as it is the duty of the landlord to take care of the building and repair its damages as well as manage remodeling or renovation and other responsibilities, if any. This lets you put more focus on your business.

Tax Implications:

Whether you are looking to buy or lease an office space, you’d want to deal with a professional to know what the tax implications are. However, most lease payments are tax deductible.

When your business isn’t ready to make an investment on buying an office property, leasing a property in Yangon for your office space is always a good idea.

The author is an experienced real estate professional in Yangon who regularly offers valuable tips and advice on real estate properties for readers. He explains how new businesses benefit from leasing a property in Yangon. Visit for more details.

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