Tips For Guilt-free 1.5 Water Bottle Use

However, accumulation of these water bottles impacts the environment

However, accumulation of these water bottles impacts the environment

When you find yourself thirsty as you're out and about, having water in a 1.5l water bottle is a convenient thirst quencher. Water bottles are portable and disposable, making it very convenient for us when we want to have a drink of water on the go. However, accumulation of these water bottles impacts the environment. As a conscious consumer working on reducing one's carbon footprint, here are some ideas on how to responsibly use these water bottles.

Buy local

When you go shopping for bottled water, notice just how many brands of 1.5l water bottle Perth shops have on offer, all vying for customers' attention and wallets. Don't be swayed by images of waterfalls, springs, and Alpine peaks conveying that the water has originated from some pristine faraway source. When making your choice of bottled water, before you base your purchase decision on the purity of spring water sourced near the French Alps, realise that this water will have to travel from across the world before it touches your lips. Choosing a brand that is sourced and distributed locally has a carbon footprint way smaller than an imported one. Aussie Natural’s 1.5l bottled spring water is sourced from springs in the Darling Ranges which means that they travel a significantly shorter distance compared to bottled spring water imported from abroad.   

Reuse water bottles

Whilst these water bottles are intended for single use, it is possible get up to a couple more uses out of them when a situation requires that you do. In reusing single use water bottles, the main concern is its cleanliness before refilling them once more. Bacteria grow and multiply rapidly in drinking bottles once they have been opened especially after your hands and mouth come in contact with the bottle's mouth. Water and dishwashing soap will usually be enough for bottles that have been used just once.

Participate in recycling efforts

After buying local and reusing your water bottles, extend your environmental responsibility to properly disposing these water bottles for recycling. Buy bottled water that bear the numbers one or two. These bottles are made from plastic that are fully recyclable. Plastic bottles marked with number one are made from PET plastic while those with number two are HDPE. When you dispose these bottles in recycling litter bins, remove the lids and ensure that these are loose in the bins and are not inside plastic bags.

Having an environmentally-friendly lifestyle does not have to mean massively letting go of convenience. For spring water in a 1.5l water bottle Perth WA residents can get their's delivered straight to the office or their homes with just a call to 1300 360 332. Aussie Natural 1.5L bottled water come in shrinkwraps of 8 fully recyclable PET water bottles.

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