Spring Water Suppliers Advice On Locating Your Water Cooler

Over the years, studies have shown that ready access to a water cooler can increase cognitive function and performance

Additionally, when a person is properly hydrated they are generally healthier and productivity increases. Once you’ve decided to have a water cooler in your business or home, there are some other aspects to consider, such as: choosing the best cooler, locating the cooler and finding the best local spring water suppliers. In this article, we will focus on advice for the best placement of your water cooler. 

Always Site the Water Cooler Against a Wall:

When you’re looking for the optimal site for your water cooler, always bear in mind that it should be placed against a wall. This is a better way to use the available space, and it removes the risk of someone tripping over any cables. When the cooler is next to a wall, it’s less likely to be damaged because of people bumping into it. Finally, the water cooler will be easier to clean around for custodial staff and cleaners. 

An Inviting Drink in Reception: 

Any visitor to your place of business will garner their first impressions of your office when they reach the reception area. First impressions are vital and coming into your reception when it’s hot outside and having a water cooler waiting for them is a fantastic welcome. Although this is a great location for visitors and reception staff, it is less useful if you have a larger building or more staff. The last thing you need is a parade of employees having to walk to reception each time they want a drink. If this situation sounds familiar, it may be a good idea to locate another water cooler somewhere more convenient. 

Hydrating in the Kitchen Area: 

As the central hub for eating and drinking, the kitchen area may be an excellent location for your water cooler. This will encourage your staff to take a regular drink during breaks or if they are getting a snack to take back to their desks. The only considerations for smaller kitchens may be the storage of spare water bottles, but this can be addressed with a water bottle rack that can be refilled on your spring water delivery. 

Putting the Cooler in a Communal Area: 

There may be an area designated for relaxing in your business, and this is a great place to site your water cooler. Studies have highlighted that employees taking regular breaks away from their desks are far more productive and positive. Always remember to place the cooler out of direct sunlight or cover the bottle with a water bottle cover. 

We supply a wide variety of water products for both business and home use. All of our high quality products are reasonably priced to suit all kinds of budgets. We also offer bottled spring water delivery direct to your door for added convenience. If you need any further information, our sales team is standing by to answer your questions.  

Our efficient service and delivery options can mean that you’re receiving fresh spring water, directly to your door throughout Perth. Save the tap water for the washing up, and rehydrate your body with a local source of fresh spring water- supplied by Aussie Natural Spring Water, Perth’s premium spring water supplier.

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