Revealing Frozen Food Drivers And Constraints

It is not a surprise that frozen food items in India have gained popularity in recent years.

It is not a surprise that frozen food items in India have gained popularity in recent years but also show a drastic leap in variations too. From basic meat to frozen items India currently is exploring the frozen foods market with frozen snacks, and frozen meals topped with frozen sweets to ensure a wholesome meal for one and all.

Let’s look at some key drivers of frozen foods

Throwing some light on the top 7 drivers that is steering the frozen foods market in India | GOELD Freepik

  • Improves standard of living:

Boosting the standard of living in India in confluence with rising disposable incomes has driven the frozen foods market multi-fold. Moreover, India’s working population is choosing convenient food products that offer not only less meal preparation time but aid ease of consumption.

  • Round-the-clock availability:

Frozen foods are just a few steps away at 3 am. Walk to your freezer and prepare it with minimum effort and consume delicious frozen food meals and snack items in a jiffy. Being available round the clock you won’t remain hungry at any given point in time. All you need to do is stock up on enough frozen food packets. Do ensure you keep a tap on the expiry dates before consuming them, especially if you thrive on frozen food items day in and out.

  • Rising urbanization:

Rising urbanization has resulted in an extensive surge in the organized retail sector in India. Every modern grocery and food store is equipped with cold chain facilities which have led to the availability of varied distinguished frozen food products in the market.

  • Escalated demand for convenience food:

The processed food industry has been highly driven by the convenience it offers which attracts consumers irrespective of their age groups. These types of convenience foods require minimum preparation time compared to cooking them yourself which is the unsaid USP of the growing frozen food market. Additionally, as mentioned above, the increase in disposable incomes of consumers in India is another vital reason for the frozen food industry to flourish in the coming years.

  • Increase in women’s employment:

As more and more women are moving out from the traditional home responsibility roles to the corporate world, they have less or almost no time to cook food at home. This gives a massive kick to the frozen food industry where households succumb to healthy, wholesome, and variety of frozen food items to choose from. From frozen food breakfast items like Indian parathas to lunch meals like frozen curries topped with deliciously flavored frozen naans and roti. You can end your tired day with an abundant frozen thali and some frozen sweet dish to accompany it.

  • Western food culture influence:

India has always tried to copy or shape the western culture, be it for apparel or culture shifts. We try to imitate them from all walks of life. Being said that, we also get highly inspired by their eating habits. The entire globe thrives on fast and convenient foods and India is not taking a back seat here.

  • Booming e-commerce in the food industry:

E-commerce is the most booming industry where not only apparel but also consumables are all now online. Everything seems to be cheaper and more appealing online. The frozen food industry has recently moved online taking the market by storm. It’s real, book your GOELD quality frozen food items online today.

Let’s look at some key constraints of frozen foods

Some noteworthy weaknesses for the frozen foods market in India | GOELD Freepik

  • Growing concern for fresh foods:

With many people aiming to move to a healthy diet or healthy lifestyle, there is a myth flowing around in the frozen foods industry, that freezing food items deteriorates their nutritional value of the items.

“Freezing, when correctly done, can preserve more nutrients than other traditional or modern methods of food preservation. To maintain top nutritional quality in frozen fruits and vegetables it is essential to follow storage pre-requisites for pre-treatment of the vegetables, to store the frozen product at zero degrees F, and to use it within suggested storage times.”

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  • Preservatives used in frozen food items:

Frozen foods when stored appropriately do not need much attention. Before you purchase a frozen food brand, you must watch out for the preservatives they use to boost the shelf life of the product. These preservatives not only have an adverse effect on your health but also deteriorate your lifestyle in the long run.


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