Top Catering Options For Your Family Reunion

Here are some options for catering your next reunion.

As you are in the process of planning your family reunion, you naturally want everything to be perfect when everyone gets together. If your reunion will be especially large, you may decide to forget having everyone try to bring a dish. Instead, you have decided to go all-out and have professional caterers handle your family reunion. However, if you've never done this before, you've probably got plenty of questions. To make sure your family reunion is remembered by everyone in attendance for all the right reasons, here are some top catering options to consider.

Simple or Elegant?

First, you should decide whether you want caterers to offer your family reunion attendees a menu that is either simple or extremely elegant. In most situations, caterers usually recommend menus for such events be kept as simple as possible. However, before making your final decision, you can contact family members or send them questionnaires to fill out regarding the types of food they would like to have at the reunion.

Special Diets

At almost any family reunion, there will not only be people of all ages, but also attendees who need to follow special diets as well. When working with caterers, always make sure you know beforehand what if any special diets your family members will need to follow. After all, it will be embarrassing for everyone if someone shows up, only to find out there are no foods there that they can safely eat.

Keep It Local

Since you will be meeting with numerous caterers prior to making a final decision, it usually works out best to go with a local caterer for your family reunion. Since you rarely find anyone who does not like pizza, you may want to contact a restaurant like Italian Fiesta Pizzeria to find out about various catering services, costs, and other important considerations.

Don't Wait Until the Last Minute

Finally, never put off lining up a caterer for your family reunion until the very last minute. If you do, you will almost certainly not get your first choice of caterers. Remember, the best caterers in your area are usually booked up weeks in advance at a minimum. By starting your search early, you can make sure you get the caterer and food you want for your guests.

Since family reunions only come around every so often, make sure the catering options you select are the very best. Whether it is attending to special dietary needs, keeping the menu very simple, or finding the best local caterer, taking these steps will ensure your family reunion will be an event where even more great memories will be created.

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