Top 10 Summer Skin Care Essentials Ph

The month of February just ended but it’s beginning to feel a lot like… summer. The heat is turning up outside

1. Sunscreen

The most important summer essential you need to apply on your skin regularly – sunscreen. Choose a light and non-sticky and greasy sunscreen to apply on your face before you leave the house. Make sure it’s at least SPF 50 (or even above! to protect your face from sun spots, damage, and early aging.

2. Light and Fresh Cleanser

A fair warning to all: the summer heat will make you sweat. A lot. So better be ready to clean and treat your face with a fresh cleanser to get rid of all the dirt getting in your pores! For best results, use a light toner as well just to make sure your face is clean.

3. Gel moisturizer

Even if it is warm outside with a lot of sweating don’t think you don’t need to hydrate your skin. You still need to apply moisturizer on your face to help with more hydration of the skin and make it look fresh.

4. More Sunscreen

Sunscreen on your face is important, but sunscreen on your body is crucial as well! Apply SPF 30 to 50 sunscreen on your skin to avoid any skin discoloration. This will help you keep up with wearing those strapless sun dresses with worrying about sunburn.

5. Lotion

The dry weather is bad but dry skin the worst. Daily moisturize your skin with hydrating lotion to keep it alive and fresh for the rest of the summer. Try using light weight lotions that dry easily since thick creamy ones can leave you sticky and icky once you go out under the sun.

6. Lip balm

Sadly, store your liquid lipsticks somewhere safe and dry because you won’t be needing them for a while. With your body sweat and all the water drinking you need to keep hydrated, matte isn’t the way to go. Moisturize lips with lip balm and use lip tints and stains for a fresh look.

7. More Sunscreen

We cannot stress this enough, always use sunscreen! Also, just a very friendly reminder: you need to re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours when you’re out and about or just anytime you have to go out into the sun.

8. Face Mist

ll the powder in the world can’t set your make up, because really you will just sweat it all out. Try using a face mist to set your face and even keep your skin fresh and hydrated throughout the day.

9. Hair care

Remember, hair is also important! With all the showers and shampoo you will be using with the heat, make sure to use hydrating hair conditioners and treatments to prevent dandruff and keep your scalp clean, clear, and fresh.

10. More and more sunscreen

Yes, more sunscreen. You can never have too much sunscreen.

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