Are You Sleeping Without Brushing?

Each time you eat, bacteria that naturally reside in your mouth eat the food you just consumed.

At the end of a good (not to mention heavy) dinner, many people become too lazy to brush their teeth and just end up retiring for the night instead. After all, you’ve already brushed your teeth twice today, and you’ll most definitely brush them again when you wake up the following morning, so no harm done, right? Wrong. Failing to brush your teeth before going to sleep is one of the nastiest habits you can develop.

Each time you eat, bacteria that naturally reside in your mouth eat the food you just consumed. And just like any other living thing, these bacteria excrete waste products following a meal. This waste is very acidic and can break down the enamel of your teeth, leading to cavities and tooth decay.So if you sleep without brushing, plaque will harden and calcify on your teeth, making it impossible through brushing and flossing. You’ll have to get it removed by your dentist during a teeth cleaning.

Because your gums see it as an infection, your immune system will go into full gear and attach it. And when plaque buildup is attached, your body will start to destroy those healthy tissues holding your teeth in place. From here, your gums will start to pull away from your teeth. Your immune system responding it actually a good thing, but when it happens for an extended period of time, this will out extreme wear and tear on your body, possibly leading to hearing loss and heart disease.

All of these will not happen in just a single night. But if you make it a habit to not brush before going to sleep, they will definitely happen over time. So aside from washing your face and changing into your sleep wear, also add brushing into your nighttime routine. Two minutes of brushing and flossing before bed can save you years of pain. But if at rare times you find yourself too tired to brush your teeth before sleeping, here are some suggestions to help you.

Have a toothbrush in your nightstand drawer. You don’t need toothpaste; simple do a quick, dry brush while you’re lying in bed.

Have a flossing stick in your nightstand drawer. While already lying in bed, simple get the stick and bite down on the floss.

Run your tongue over your teeth and feel disgusting plaque. Create the habit of doing this and you will crave the feeling of clean teeth before you sleep.

Indeed, brushing is one of the most essential habits to keeping your teeth and your overall health in check. If you have any more questions about brushing and plaque formation, schedule a consultation with a reputable dentist in your area now. You can also ask him for more tips on how to maintain clean and healthy teeth.

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