What Is CEREC Dental Restorations?

Gone are the days when your dentist would take the impressions for a crown or a bridge and call you another day.

CEREC means Ceramic Reconstruction of the teeth. The full form of CEREC is Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. It is a modern and advanced system of designing and constructing high quality dental restorations that are metal-free. Advanced CAD/CAM computer technology along with 3D photography is used to create dental restorations while you are sitting at the dentist's chair.

Gone are the days when your dentist would take the impressions for a crown or a bridge and call you another day for the actual fitting. With CEREC dental restorations, the whole procedure can be completed in a single visit to the dentist. The computer system and camera combined with milling machinery can create precise dental restorations that fit perfectly and look great.

The Workings:

The CEREC machine allows your dentist to take a digital impression of the dental cavity. In other words the cavity is photographed and a three dimensional model is created and stored in the computer. The shape of the restoration is compared to the adjacent teeth and the dentist modifies the design accordingly using CAD software. Once the virtual model is complete, the milling machinery carves the restoration on a ceramic block. The ceramic dental restoration is then bonded with resin to give you a perfect set of teeth.

Where is CEREC Restoration Useful

If you have a cracked tooth, CEREC Restoration is a good option. Similarly, if you find the need for a new onlay, bridge or a crown, you can opt for CEREC restoration. Old metal restorations can fail or deteriorate over a period of time, in such instances you could opt for a CEREC dental restoration. CEREC restorations can be done in one sitting which makes it very convenient for the patient. Additionally, a bio-compatible material like ceramic is used to build the restorations without using any metal component which prevents any undue health problems.

Advantages of Lip Tie Release and Dental Restorations

CEREC is a modern and technologically advanced system that produces excellent results. An accurate and safe procedure allows your dentist to create a near perfect dental restoration, be it a crown, bridge or inlay. Since it is a perfect fit, there is no need for further adjustment or work and the whole process is completed within a single sitting. CEREC dental restoration saves valuable time and money, is a safe and comfortable procedure that is good for you as well as the dentist.

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