5 Major Biggest Causes Of Tooth Sensitivity

Always screaming in pain whenever you taste your favourite ice cream?

Feeling pain while drinking ice beverages and drinks? Do you find yourself wincing when you brush or floss?

If your answers for all these questions are “yes”, then you might be suffering from tooth sensitivity. Don’t panic… Tooth sensitivity is a common dental problem that affects 70% of people across the world. Having tooth sensitivity means having a sudden pain in the teeth while consuming very hot or hot foods.

Here’s a guide explained by the dentists in Green Valley on why you were experiencing tooth sensitivity i.e. the major causes of teeth sensitivity.

You Brush Your Teeth With Too Much Force:

Problem: Tooth sensitivity causes due to brushing your teeth with too much force or using hard-bristled tooth brush. Over time, you might experience wear and tear around the protective layers of your teeth and expose microscopic hollow tubes or canals that lead to your dental nerves. When these hollow tubes are exposed to extreme temperature or acidic foods, tooth sensitivity or discomfort arises.

Solution: The simple yet affordable solution is to switch to a tooth brush with softer bristles and brush gently and slowly.

Avoid Acidic Foods:

Problem: If your teeth already worn out and your nerves are exposed, taking acidic foods such as grape fruit, chilled ice cream, lemon, kiwi, pickles and tomato sauce might cause sensitivity and pain.

Solution: Experienced dentist in Sadleir suggests avoiding acidic foods to reduce discomfort and sensitivity.

You’re a Tooth Grinder:

Problem: We all know that the Tooth enamel is the strongest substance in your body. But grinding the teeth can wear and tear down the enamel. By doing so, i.e. by grinding the teeth, the middle layer of the tooth which contains the hollow tubes that leads to nerve expose.

Solution: Talk to your Green Valley dentist about finding the right mouth guard that can stop you from teeth grinding.

Your Tooth is Cracked or Chipped:

Problem: A cracked or chipped tooth can cause pain that goes beyond tooth sensitivity.

Solution: Consult your nearby dentist in Green Valley; they will discuss to evaluate your tooth and decide the right course of treatment such as a cap or an extraction.

You Have Excessive Plaque:

Problem: An excessive plaque build-up can wear down the enamel in your teeth and causes sensitivity.

Solution: The best solution is to practice good dental hygiene and visit your dentist for cleanings every 6 months — or more frequently if needed.

Tooth sensitivity is the major dental health issue, but don’t worry…. it’s treatable. If your sensitivity is extreme and continues no matter what actions you take, make sure to consult with the dentist in Liverpool. He will work with you to develop a customized dental hygiene plan that incorporates dental examination and tooth cleaning.

The author is working as an experienced dentist in Green Valley who specialises in offering the best dental care services to achieve and maintain good oral health. In this article, he discusses the list of 5 major causes tooth sensitivity. For more details, visit http://www.designdental.com.au

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