What Should You Know Before Hiring A Life Coach?

Whether they are celebrities or not, individuals are turning to coaches to help them achieve their goals.

Whether they are celebrities or not, individuals are turning to coaches to help them achieve their goals, change their life (for the better), and realise their aspirations. Whether you need assistance with your career, confidence, manifestation techniques, or eating habits, there is a coach for you.

A good life coach can help you in achieving your goals by bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. People seek the advice of a life coach for a variety of reasons, which include wanting to:

  • Stop worrying about the future or brooding on the past.
  • Boost your self-assurance
  • Find and cultivate better, more powerful relationships.
  • Stop drifting and start focusing

So, hiring a coach is neither enough nor easy. Here, are some key points to keep in mind before you hire someone as a life coach:

  • Chemistry

Having a good chemistry with your coach is the most important factor to consider in your decision. Since coaching requires you to be open, honest and devoted to the process, you must have chemistry with your coach.

If you're uncomfortable with the relationship, you'll find the coach's directness and inquiry unpleasant and perhaps disrespectful. So whatever you do, always remember to choose your coach based on your instinct telling you it is right.

  • Similar clients

Inquire with the coach , if they have worked with someone in a comparable scenario, or from a similar background, or has any other characteristics that you believe best describe you and your circumstance.

A corporate life coach does not need to be familiar with your sector or industry; in fact, it is preferable if the coach is unfamiliar since this indicates that they are more open-minded and intuitive. However, if the coach has worked with others who share commonalities with you, it is a sign that the coach is more likely to appreciate your perspective.

  • Fee

It might be difficult to calculate how much life and career counselling is worth to you in monetary terms. After all, how can you put a price on future sentiments of fulfilment, clarity, and joy? However, if you have limited finances and are concerned about not being able to pay your rent next month, you must certainly consider the cost.

Some coaches may let you pay by the session, allowing you to try it out and decide whether or not to continue if the first session was successful. That said, most of the best coaches I know don't operate on those terms, owing to the fact that you won't see any immediate results following a session.

It is just because coaching takes time and these moments of progress don’t often occur during a session but when you are just going about your day. So, do consider this fact when assessing a transformation life coach  , but make sure you can realistically afford them without having to break the bank.

  • Length of the programme, duration of a session, location

Now here the length or the duration of the programme is not what matters, what is of even higher importance is that there is a goal in mind that should be reached. The sessions could vary from 6,9 or being even more in numbers. And the length of a session could be anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes all that depends on what you might need in a particular moment

The sessions can be either face-to-face or via video conferencing or maybe even a mix, that depends on what you and your coach are comfortable with. Sometimes these sessions can be just over a phone call given that is what makes you more at ease with your coach. There is no hard and fast rule of following a particular communication channel.

  • What are their biggest achievements and setbacks?

Knowing the coach’s strengths and weaknesses can help you gain an insight into the obstacles they have overcome and the growth they have had in the process, which might happen in a coaching situation. This can indicate a greater insight of empathy towards you as a client.

If they have achieved big personal goals then that is an indication that they are willing to put in the work, which reflects well in a coaching situation too as they might expect the same from you to push yourself harder to become the best version of yourself.

The connection between you and your personal coach should be grounded in both respect and confidentiality. The goal should always be to build a relationship, connect with one another, and support the client by helping them in achieving their goals in life. If these elements are present and palpable for you during your coaching session, you may have found your "one”.

Coaching is a wonderful job, but it is also soul work. Coaches are in the business of assisting others in the transformation of any aspect of their lives, so make sure your potential coach checks all of these boxes for you before you seal the deal.

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