Nervous or Afraid About Dental Implants? Read This!

Once your mouth has healed, we will fit your new implants to complete your new grin

We like to think that we grow out of our childhood woes and worries, but some do linger. While you might not still be convinced that the old lady down the street was a witch, enabling you to walk past her house without breaking into a sprint, you may still be a little hesitant to see your dentist and ask about procedures such as dental implants.

Fear no more; we’re here to put your mind at rest and your heart at ease, so you can look forward to our dental implants services and your new smile!

  • We’ve Been Working On This For Centuries

Dental implants aren’t a completely new-fangled contraption; we’ve been trying to replace missing teeth with implants since ancient human history. The ancient Chinese developed dental pegs from bamboo, and inserted them into the jaw to act as teeth. The Egyptians played around with other materials, fashioning pegs from metals, ivory, and even human teeth.

Modern implants take all of those previous attempted and added one crucial element; titanium. In 1965, Swedish scientists discovered that titanium screws can fuse to the bone, and this has been perfected and refined since to create the smooth implant procedure we have today.

  • We Are Meticulous Planners

Implant surgery is not an interpretive art form, or a game of Guess Who. Your dentist will examine your specific condition, and will plan out the course of action accordingly. After x-rays and careful evaluation, your dentist will decide where the implants will be best placed to support new teeth and the quality of your bone.
If you have any questions, your dentist can answer them long before you undergo surgery.

  • Anaesthetic And Sleep Dentistry

Carillon City Dental can ensure that you’re completely comfortable and relaxed for the procedure, with a local anaesthetic through small shots near the surgical site. Sleep dentistry is also incredibly popular with procedures such as dental implants, if you’d rather ‘zone out’ and leave us to it. Post-care is straightforward, with mild pain relief and regular rinsing with anti-bacterial mouthwash.

  • You'll Love It When You See Your New Smile!

Once your mouth has healed, we will fit your new implants to complete your new grin. They will look and feel natural, and you can resume life as normal with recommended oral hygiene. The new tooth will blend perfectly in with the rest of your smile, and will function as a natural tooth would.

Dental implants are quickly becoming the preferred service to replace missing teeth and fix smiles. If you’re concerned about dental implants, simply call our friendly team at Carillon City Dental and organise a consultation with one of our expert dentists. We can discuss all of your options with you and make sure you feel completely confident and comfortable.

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