Numerous Ways To Make Life Ecofriendly

Numerous Ways to Make Life Ecofriendly

As we all know, World Environment Day is observed on 5th June every year; governments across the globe undertake the execution of awareness drives to spread knowledge about protecting and nurturing the environment.

As the news portals, social media, and numerous activities start to flood with the messages on environmental awareness, the question arises- what do we contribute to our role in environmental conservation?

“Be the change you wish to see.” – said Mahatma Gandhi. This critical and inspiring quote speaks volumes about starting the new good things ourselves. If we practice what we say, people will gladly follow suit.

Choose The Stairs: Whenever you need to go down or up the building, choose the stairs. With this habit, You will reduce your power usage and burn some calories.

Plant Many Trees: In our efforts to make an environmentally lifestyle, just look around your home or office for open spaces. Take the initiative to plant trees in the open spaces. On average, any tree takes two years to grow, while you need to water it regularly and protect it from being eaten by stray animals. Trees increase carbon absorption and provide crucial oxygen in the air.

This World Environment Day, let us come together to take some concrete and practical steps in using sustainable living products. As we adopt the strategy to reduce the carbon footprint by reusing and recycling the products, adding more tree cover, make our homes and workplaces energy-efficient, we all can contribute to building a lasting and effective eco-friendly lifestyle.

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