An Ultimate Guide To Childbirth Injuries And Mother's Health Risk

This article is all about medical malpractice, birth injuries, carelessness of medical professionals.

The health of the newborn baby is given concern while delivery, but research shows that the mother's health is also in danger on several conditions depending on the time and place of delivery.

  • There is an escalation in incidents related to birth injury-related cases also in assistance with increment in complexity during delivery and labour which is caused by the aberrations from the part of Medical Professionals, Nurses etc.
  • These create hazards to the baby and the mother's health which can be encompassed as an action against the law and can claim for medical malpractice.

About Birth Injuries

  • There is nothing more delightful than the arrival of a baby in life. But certain emergencies make this happiness into disgust. Among the complications surrounding delivery faults, using Forceps is the precarious one which is the instrument used to drop the baby out.
  • Even though the Forceps is lifesaving equipment, the lackadaisical usage of this can cause several fractures which have the ability to induce lifelong health issues. Injuries to the nerve and brain are rare precedents caused by Forceps delivery.
  • Due to the advancements in Cesarean Sections (C-Sections), usage of Forceps has denied since the 90s because of the risk aspects identified with the usage of Forceps during delivery.
  • Studies in 2017 point out that comparison with C-Sections delivery using equipment like Forceps and Vacuum extractions created more immense rates of infant and maternal physical Trauma.

What is meant by forceps delivery?

Forceps is the equipment used for delivery purposes to pull the baby out. This is widely used in vaginal delivery where Forceps are required to clutch on the baby's head to drag the baby out of the birth canal.Forceps is used at the time when the mother's membrane has erupted with a fully dilated cervix and the baby is dipped into the birth canal. The major considerations in which Forceps is accepted during delivery include:

  • The aberrant heartbeat of the baby.
  • When the delivery has no progress with the pushes of the mother.
  • If the mother has high blood pressure.
  • When there are medical complications and the mother is unable to push the baby.

The hazards associated with Forcep deliveries

The main issue that is created by the misusage of Forceps is Trauma. The proper placing of the Forceps is precisely crucial and any inaccurate deployment and pressure application on the baby’s delicate head can lead to life-long injuries which call for extensive medical risks in the future.

Major birth injuries caused to the baby by the use of Forceps, include:

  • Traumatic brain fracture
  • Facial paralysis due to impaired nerves
  • Bleeding within the scalp
  • Strokes
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Skull wounds
  • Brachial Plexus Palsy
  • Eye trauma

Injuries caused to mothers include:

  • Uterine fissure
  • Breaking or cramping in the perineum
  • Genital tract cracks
  • Damages to the bladder or urethra
  • Muscle and ligament abating in the pelvic organs

When to avoid delivery using Forceps?

  • Adopting C-Section is a favourable preference in many of the situations which need delivery using forceps. There are a lot of reasons in which doctors prefer surgery rather than to adopt normal delivery like conditions on which a baby's bone strength is affected due to the usage of forceps.
  • There is no need to use Forceps if the baby is not gone down to the birth canal and this also depends on the size of the mother's pelvis.

Severe birth injuries caused by Forceps delivery

  • Disproportionate pressure on the baby's soft scalp causes Irreplaceable Brain damage.
  • The perpetual disability caused due to Forceps is Cerebral palsy. Inappropriate pressure on the infant's head is the main reason for this.
  • Another reason includes the baby's shoulder dystocia during pregnancy which happens due to the blocking of shoulders in the mother's pelvic region.
  • Using Forceps causes breaking of bones, facial fractures and brachial plexus palsy.

Mother's health risk during delivery

A clinical study conducted in Texas from 2005 to 2010 under the International Journal Risk Analysis with two million births there under the consideration of maternal complications. This report showed that hospital staff have a great contribution to this. These include:

  • Severe perineal lesion
  • Ruptured uterus
  • Accidental hysterectomy
  • Admission to intensive care
  • Unintentional operating actions following delivery

These studies show that about 21,000 women suffered from complications during surgery created by the carelessness of medical staff. Studies also suggested that complexities are mainly happening during the night shifts which is 21% higher than the complications in the daytime. Also, point out that deliveries on weekends have 9% of complications which rockets higher than 29% on holidays. Studies also indicate that 28% of the complicated deliveries are appearing in teaching hospitals at the time of starting the training.

This research shows that Physicians and medical staff with valid experience are imperative for labour and delivery to avert the cases related to birth injuries. Doctors with less experience increase the risk of a hazard than birth injuries caused by experienced Doctors.

The major solution for this condition involves rearranging the schedules of doctors with one skilled and one unskilled in the daytime with similar scheduling in the night rather than putting two skilled in the day and two unskilled at night.

When can birth injury or complications drive to medical disregard prosecution?

All of the above-mentioned cases of birth injuries are liable under medical negligence.

The primary thing is to create a reasonable medical standard of care for the prevailing situation in which the birth injury has happened. For example, if the accused was an obstetrician, then the court will compare accuste's problem with the similar obstetrician in that field to make a decision whether he has got any faults. Also get to know about the medical expert's opinion on that action which caused birth injury.


The health care workers are embedded with great responsibility to protect the mother as well as the infant during delivery. Patients are burdened with huge risk if the hospital is making inappropriate schedules for medical staff, forcing them to overwork and allocating medical staff to work without valid experience etc. You can claim compensation if you, your baby, or your relatives happened to undergo birth injury.

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