How Much Cost Is Involved In Setting Up Dome Shelters

Let’s discuss the costs involved in setting up dome shelters.

You may need a shed for several reasons; a place to store your possessions, a workspace, place to store stock etc. Whatever it may be, everyone uses their shed for a different reason. If you do not already have one, installation can be a lengthy process, involving plenty of different parties. You need the slab, then all materials, labour for both slab and shed installation. This is a very expensive process. This is where a dome shelter trumps a shed. You simply order the shelter you want, it arrives, and you install it. No need for any other materials, labour or hiring of machines. Let’s discuss the costs involved in setting up dome shelters.

What equipment do you have?

Before considering the costs, you need to decide what equipment you have on hand. For larger dome shelters, a welding machine is needed to connect base plates to the containers. This said, if you do not have a welding machine, or do not know how to weld, you will need help in doing so. For smaller shelters however, it is even simpler.

Placing your containers

Now when getting your dome shelter delivered, it is recommended you have even, flat ground to position your containers on. If they are unlevel, this will mean the dome is uneven, resulting in a weaker shelter. To do this, have their positions measured and marked out.

Assembly of framework

Now that the containers are positioned, connect your sections together to form the arches of your dome shelter. Depending on the size of the shelter, you may need help moving the pieces, and may require heavy duty equipment to connect these together. The framework is the most important part of your dome shelter, so do not make any shortcuts during assembly.

Fitting the cover

Now that the containers are placed, arches joined and positioned, you can fit your cover. This can be a lengthy process and may require help to make it easier.

Installation Process

The process is simple, and here it is below.

  1. Measure and place your containers in the correct location to suit the span of your shelter
  2. Weld base plates into location on your container (if larger model) If not, join base rails together and install down each side of the containers.
  3. Join sections of the arch together on the ground to form the arch of your shelter
  4. Lift the assembled arches onto the base plates that have already been placed on you shipping containers
  5. Pull over and tension your shelter cover

In five simple steps, you can have a dome shelter up to 21 metres wide.

Total Costs

In summary, the cost of your dome shelter installation will vary. This will depend on what equipment you already have, machinery, employees, and the size of the dome shelter. Placing a dollar value on every single installation is difficult, however we can guarantee it is the best value for money shelter you can buy. Also, we can guarantee that a dome shelter will be bought and installed much faster than a traditional shed.

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