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Fordite, also called Motor Agate, is a unique automotive enamel substance with an intriguing past.

 The now-extinct practice of hand spray-painting numerous production cars in extensive automotive factories years ago resulted in the creation of the original layered automotive paint slag "rough." However, over time, collectors and factory workers saved paint slag in significant quantities.

Although the term "fordite" suggests that the paint gems were primarily created in Ford plants, it has come to be used to describe any gem made from layers of dried paint.

 It's time to dispel some misconceptions about the synthetic material fordite. Although fordite, also known as "Detroit agate" or "motor agate," can be cut and polished, it is not a gemstone, but that hasn't stopped jewellery designers and brands from using the material, which seems to be a creation of Mother Nature.

Jewellery made of fordite is also known as Detroit Agate and Motor Agate. This lovely "stone" is just old auto paint from Detroit and other auto plants. Previously, sprayers were used in paint booths to spray-paint automobiles.

What do We include?

We offer an exquisite selection of jewellery made from Fordite, a remarkable and exquisite substance created from paint scraps in auto paint shops.

This jewellery is rare and collectable, and there is not much left of it. The handcrafted sterling silver setting for the Fordite cabochon in our earrings is distinctive. The length of the earrings, including the ear wire, is 4 cm.

The earrings come packaged in a labelled velvet-lined jewellery box and are suspended from solid sterling silver ear wires.

The fordite jewellery will now be sent to you in a stunning foil embossed presentation box with the jewellery inside a labelled velvet lined box.

The packaging has been greatly improved. A signed certificate of authenticity with a special holographic serial number is also included, along with a 24-page colour booklet containing information on the history of the jewellery as well as jewellery maintenance tips.

The Finest Shark Tooth Necklace is What We Offer

Like the ancient Hawaiians, many surfers wear shark tooth necklaces out of superstition.

Sharks are said to stay away from you and protect you while at sea if you wear a shark tooth. They are frequently worn by sailors for good luck and to prevent drowning.

Shark tooth jewellery can be ethical, but you should exercise caution when buying it. There is a very high likelihood that the tooth came from an unethical source if it is a real tooth that has not been fossilised.

Our Area of Focus

You can purchase exquisite handcrafted jewellery from Jurassic Jewellery which has been created using many of the rarest materials discovered on Earth and elsewhere.

 Ian Barrett, who has over fifteen years of experience and the expertise to craft the ideal piece of jewellery, expertly crafts each item by hand.

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