How To Look Slimmer With Plus Size Clothing

Look slimmer whether in person or when it comes to capturing that picture-perfect OOTD for Instagram!

Look slimmer whether in person or when it comes to capturing that picture-perfect OOTD for Instagram!

Admit or deny it, we all thought of wanting or thinking we should be slimmer. I mean, we would seriously have less problems: shopping for clothes becomes easier, almost anything would fit you, thinking of ways to look slimmer would be less hassle, gone would be the problems of hiding behind people or your bag when the need to take a group photo comes in and the disappointment of ordering an item from plus size boutiques online only for it to arrive and discovering it does not fit you would never be a problem for you.

There are so many things we could totally benefit if only we were a tad bit slimmer but the good thing about our physical world is we can always manipulate objects, places, and people visually. Yes, you read that right, visual manipulation or illusion is actually possible, but how, you may ask? You may not have even guessed it but we are going to need plus size clothing items for us to achieve that!

  • Colors, colors, colors

Having a background in the arts, I sure have studied how the color theory is very important in giving a certain vibe or atmosphere when it comes to architecture, how it can affect your appetite when it comes to food, and how it can make you slimmer by using the right colors. If you want an honest advice, light colors would obviously highlight your belly folds. The best way to look slimmer with plus size clothing is to wear dark-colored clothes. Think of the shades such as burgundy, maroon, dark red, midnight blue, and of course, everyone’s favorite—black.

  • Utilize vertical lines

Yup, lines are very important. When you want to look slimmer and you are on the hunt for new clothes with lines or prints, you have to make sure that the ones you are buying have vertical lines in them. Meaning it has to make one’s eyes go up and down and not side-to-side just as how horizontal lines would. Using this knowledge, buying pants with pinstripes will not only make you look slimmer but will also make you look taller—talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

  • Play around with accessories

When you want to looks slimmer and you are also a big fan of accessorizing, one thing you have to know is that you must avoid bulky accessories as it may only highlight your figure. The next time you are planning to buy accessories at the mall, make sure you invest in long necklaces, avoid the chokers as it will only make your neck look shorter and that is one thing that you definitely have to avoid. By long necklaces, we mean ones that will measure up to 24-30 inches, past your chest and almost reaching your navel is definitely the right measure to start up with.

Following these three tips will surely help you in your goal to look slimmer whether in person or when it comes to capturing that picture-perfect OOTD for Instagram. Good luck!

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