Curvy Dresses For Different Body Shapes

What looks best on you: Flared pants, bright-colored bottoms, A-line dresses

What looks best on you: Flared pants, bright-colored bottoms, A-line dresses

When it comes to dressing up, coming up with a one-size-fits-all solution can be quite tricky as everyone has varying body types, shapes and sizes, therefore, there are different solutions for each body type and shape. If you are persistent on looking for one, goodluck then! However, I can tell you a few lessons on how you can create a style that is your own and one that can truly complement your physique and together, we can be our more beautiful selves!

  • TRIANGLE-shaped (narrow shoulders - wide hips)

Also known as diamond-shaped and pear-shaped, people with this body shape are blessed with the natural and ideal birth-giving hips. Meaning you have more booty and you are more likely to attract men relative to our natural biological needs! This also means you need less illusion to create, however, you can always wear structured blazers with prominent shoulders in order to balance out your figure and add more definition to your waist. This also means you can wear pencil skirts and look the most alluring with the least effort and that is basically every woman's wish!

What looks best on you: mermaid gowns, pencil skirts, a-line dresses, culottes

  • HOURGLASS (wide shoulders - narrow waist - wide hips)

If you have this type of body shape then you are sure one lucky gal! It is because this means you are the one who has to exert the least effort among everyone and it means you will have no trouble shopping for clothes as almost everything would suit you well! One style tip is to pick clothes that help define your waist such as sheath dresses with an elegant-looking waist belt or A-line dresses and bodycon curvy dresses to help show off those curves.

What looks best on you: bootleg pants, flared skirts, bodycon dresses

  • INVERTED TRIANGLE (wide shoulders - narrow hips)

This is basically the total opposite of the first type which is the Triangle and it can be the most tricky, however, with the right moves, you too can balance out the proportion! Plus size boutique shops will surely have variety of items of clothing that can work well with your body and you have to wear bottom clothing that can help make your hips look wider such as flared skirts. Learn to avoid wearing skinny jeans, leggings, and pencil skirts as it may only highlight your narrow hips.

What looks best on you: peplum dresses, wrap curvy dresses, A-line dresses

  • RECTANGLE (shoulders, waist and hips are proportional)

When dealing with this kind of body, it is important to note that you need to make your waistline look narrower than than your shoulders and hips. This means you should wear clothing wherein your waistline is more defined such as wearing a wrap dress with a waist belt or dresses with princess lines. By wearing skirts and pants with a brighter color than your top, you will be creating the illusion of wider hips, therefore, this is surely one trick you should always keep in mind.

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