Packing Tricks To Consider When Moving With Newborns

Moving with a newborn can be stressful. Here are some tricks to make the move smoother.

Moving is hard enough with just adults. Throwing a newborn into the mix adds even more complications to the mix. If you are moving to another state, there's a lot to consider, and that's before you start packing up your house for the move. The following are three tips you can use to make packing easier when you are moving with a baby.

Prioritize Your Belongings

Make a list of everything you are going to move and then decide what order you are going to pack them in. Once you have prioritized, box up the things you need the least first. That way you are stuck looking for something you need that is somewhere in a pile of boxes. It's also a good idea to decide on stuff to get rid of during this process. Take the most essential items, like diapers and formula, and make them easily accessible during the trip.

Use Professionals

Hire pros to pack your belongings for you. Most moving companies like All America Moving offer this service as part of your move. Packing is very time-consuming, especially if you aren't good at it. Hiring someone to do it for you eliminates the time-consuming and laborious process. You can use the time you save with professional packers to get other jobs related to your move done like changing your address, picking new schools, and finding a doctor for your family.

Did you know when you hire professional movers, they don't just pack your boxes for you? They even provide all the materials for packing as part of the price. This includes the boxes themselves, padding for furniture, and plastic wrap for mattresses and other items. You truly get full service with a professional moving company.

Don't Leave Empty Space

Pack each box to the point that it is full. If it isn't, they could get crushed in the truck. A full box gives much more support for the boxes above it. While you're at it, make sure you tape each box properly too. The last thing you want is to open up the truck at your destination with your belongings sprawled all over.

Packing sets the tone for your entire move. Make sure you use these three tips to ensure your home is packed up properly. Don't hesitate to ask for help from your moving company with this phase of the move either. You'll thank yourself later.

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