12 Must-buy Baby Products For Your Little One

Discover a comprehensive list of must-buy baby products online that will enhance your convenience and your little one’s.

Expecting a child is one of the most joyous occasions you can experience as a family. At the same time, this stage comes with responsibilities, including purchasing and preparing all the essentials your little one will need. When buying baby products online or in-store, make sure you have their health, comfort, and safety in mind.


To help you navigate the world of baby products, we've compiled a comprehensive list of must-buy baby items that will make your life easier and your newborn's life more comfortable.


1. Baby Stroller

A reliable baby stroller is a must-have for active parents who are always on the go. When shopping for strollers online, consider options that offer ample storage space for all baby care essentials. Buy an easily manoeuvrable stroller with a comfortable child seat, a five-point harness, and a sturdy frame for safety.


2. Car Seat

A car seat is a non-negotiable and mandated baby product you must buy. Your chosen model should pass the New Zealand product and safety standards and be ideal for your baby's age and weight. 


Always check the label, especially the manufacturer's information, and see if the products follow industry-grade specifications with stickers and seals that prove compliance.


3. Baby Carrier

Baby carriers offer a safe, cosy, and hands-free way to keep your baby close to you. These items follow ergonomic designs that provide comfortable and proper support for your baby's developing spine and hips whilst being carried or lifted.


4. Baby Bottles and Steriliser

High-quality baby bottles that are easy to clean and mimic the breast will reduce nipple confusion. Consider buying a bottle steriliser, which will be a time-saving addition to your kitchen.


5. Breast Pump

Breast pumps are life savers and game-changers for breastfeeding moms. They help you express milk when you can't be with your baby, producing milk that you can store for later feeding. 


Remember to choose a pump that's comfortable and efficient in expressing milk.


6. High Chair

High chairs give your child a comfortable place to sit and bond with you during meals. Look for one that's easy to clean and adjustable to accommodate your baby's growth.


7. Crib

Your chosen crib should meet all safety standards and have a comfortable mattress. Make sure the crib bedding is soft and cosy.


8. Baby Monitor

A baby monitor with video capabilities offers added safety and peace of mind. This audiovisual recording device helps you keep an eye (and ear) on your baby when you're not in the room. 


9. Changing Table

Changing diapers can be one of the most challenging chores when caring for a newborn. A dedicated changing table offers increased accessibility to diaper changing and cleaning essentials, making the process much more convenient. 


10. Baby Bathtub

Bathing a slippery baby can be challenging for first-time parents, especially without the right bathtub. Invest in a baby bathtub that provides support and ensures safety during bath time.


11. Baby Shampoo and Soap

A baby has sensitive skin and shouldn't come in contact with harsh ingredients. Use gentle and hypoallergenic baby shampoos and soaps to keep your baby's delicate skin fresh, clean, and healthy.


12. Baby Grooming Kit

Complete a full bath and cleaning session with a dedicated baby grooming kit. The kit includes nail clippers, a soft brush, and other essentials for keeping your baby well-groomed.


With the right baby gear and essentials, you'll be well-equipped to provide the best care for your little one. You can buy baby products in online shops or physical stores throughout New Zealand.

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