5 Signs Your Aging Loved One May Need Assistance

Seniors years often come with certain health challenges, often age-related.

Seniors years often come with certain health challenges, often age-related.

These health conditions may require seniors to have assistance with performing daily activities can meeting overall health goals. However, some seniors resist taking help from others out of their strong self-esteem, which can lead to further deterioration of health.

Professionals at Huntsville home care company share a few signs that indicate your loved one may need assistance.

1. Sudden Change in Weight

Sudden loss or gain of weight can be a sign of a serious health issue, like dementia, cancer, or depression. It may also be caused by eating an unhealthy diet. Medical conditions like vision impairment and arthritis can limit a senior’s ability to grocery shop and cook meals, which leads to poor nutrition and even malnutrition, further causing a drop in bodyweight.

2. Balance Issues

While falls remain the major cause of injury among seniors, everything from poor diet to medication side effects can cause balance issues, making seniors unsteady on their feet. Pay close attention to your loved one’s movements, both in and out of the house. If a senior intentionally avoids navigating the stairs, seems more sedentary than before, and have bruises or bumps on legs and arms, he or she may be at risk for a serious fall.

3. Changes in Lifestyle

To find out whether your loved one has changed the long-standing habits or just feeling low ask how his or her friends are doing, especially about those your personally know. Also ask about any hobbies, activities, or volunteering work they have been involved in. If your loved one has dropped out of his or her favorite activities or doesn’t contact any friends, he or she may be feeling isolated. Staying isolated for longer periods of time can cause a higher risk for health issues ranging from depression to cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

4. Unmaintained Personal Hygiene

Changes in personal hygiene can indicate your loved one may be struggling to maintain his or her independence. If you find your loved one smells bad when you give a hug, this may be the first sign or unmaintained personal hygiene. Other signs include not wearing makeup or not keeping the hair as tidy as usual, this may be the time to have a discussion with your loved one.

5. Messy Condition of the Home

Maintaining a home a huge task for people of all ages, but for seniors, it can get highly difficult due to physical frailty and other conditions. Early indications of something being amiss include clutter, overflowing trash cans, dying plants, piles of unopened mail on the counter, and broken appliances not being repaired. Another major sign of concern is burned cookware, indicating that your loved one is forgetting if he or she has something cooking, which can also be a fire hazard. This can be due to forgetfulness and deteriorated sense of smell.

If you notice these sings when you visit your loved one, it may be time to consider having the assistance of a professional in-home caregiver. Huntsville families can count on this option to allow their loved one get the help they need while aging in the comfort of home with cherished memories.

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