3 Benefits to Domestic Adoption and how to get Expert Advice

Domestic adoption involves adopting an infant or child domestically, and not internationally.

If you are reading this, you have already taken an important step in reaching out for more information about adoption in California, and that by itself is commendable. It doesn’t matter what side of the adoption equation you are on, that is, if you are faced with an unwanted pregnancy or if you are looking to adopt a child, doing your research on the way adoption works is of paramount importance. In the state of California, adoption is streamlined and the processes are as clear as can be, as long as you seek them out.

Open or closed adoption?

The basic choice you need to make when putting a child up for adoption in California, or looking to adopt a child here, is whether you prefer an open or a closed adoption. The names are quite descriptive: the closed adoption is focused on confidentiality and privacy at the expense of sharing information and bringing the adopted and birth parents together, while the open adoption is more popular due to its greater focus on the well-being of the child in the long term. The fact is, research has shown that children that have been adopted through a closed adoption process are more likely to develop social integration issues based on the feelings of guilt or inadequacy, whereas the open adoption option seeks to alleviate these issues. The choice is up to both the adopted and birth parents, or parent, but more people choose open adoption as a more friendly and modern option.

How easy is it to adopt a child or put a child up for adoption?

The situation is very different from one jurisdiction to another, as well as between the various agencies involved in adoption in California. The important point to keep in mind is that putting a child up for adoption is a very sensible option that is available to you. Adoption professionals are ready to assist you around the clock with any information, recommendations and questions you may have. If you are looking to adopt a child, you should be aware of the fact that the process does take at least a few months, as criminal checks, background checks, financial reviews and other steps in the process take time, but are necessary to make everyone confident in making the right decision based on all the information provided.

A few final remarks

Adoption in California is designed and carried out with the overall focus being on what is best for the child in question. Personal feelings and preferences of the birth parents and adoptive parents are certainly taken into account, but they take a backseat to questions and concerns about the well-being and long term success of the child being adopted. What is important is to see the entire process of adoption as a positive and engaging experience that celebrates the child, and sets them on the course for a happy life in a happy home. And that’s the most important point, don’t you think? Doing what is best for the child.

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