An Ultimate Guide About Tick Prevention In Dogs

What brings you backward on playing outside with your furry friend?

Yes, it's obviously ticks. Warm weather is not favorable for your dogs due to the increased number of ticks during these seasons. If you are not able to conserve your dog as tick free, it will cause your four-legged companion in a very bad way. So, be aware of all prevention methods, tick treatment etc for the protection of your dog.

What is meant by ticks?

  • Horrifying but true, ticks are those menacing little living things which come out during the sunny seasons and bedevil us and our dogs.
  • The Ticks are from the mites and spider family, but they are bloodsucking parasites. They suck the blood by attaching it to the bodies of pets and human beings and then disseminate diseases like Lyme, fever etc.
  • Mainly, ticks are found in tall grasses or dense forest areas. When they find any pets, they cling to their fur rather than jumping or flying. Once they enter the body, they entomb their teeth into their body and suck blood for a number of days. 
  • Ticks are able to transmit the disease within 24-48 hours after getting into the skin.So, always ensure to remove ticks from your dog's skin.

Procedure for checking tick attacks on dogs

  • After a day out or playing outside, conscientiously check whether your dog has a tick attack by moving your hand over its skin. If there is a tick present over the dog's skin, it feels like a small bump on their skin. Concentrate more on portions like the legs, toes, inside the ears and also across the neck. If you find a bump, just move the fur and kill the tick.
  • The crucial concern about tick removal is that you have discarded the whole body of the tick from the dog's skin as soon as possible after the tick bite.
  • The longer the tick resides on the dog's skin, the possibility of the pet getting an infection like Lyme disease is boosting. So locate the tick and adopt tweezers to abolish it as close to the skin of the pet as possible or you can use tick medications for the easy tick removal. 

Conventional methods for Tick and Flea Prevention

Many of us have serious worries about employing traditional flea and tick avoidance products, which include deadly pesticides in the mode of oral and topical monthly drugs. Many of the current reports show the detrimental effects of modern flea and tick prevention medications which largely cause gastrointestinal illnesses, neurological reactions, behavioral diversities like anxiety issues, seizures etc.

  • The most acceptable protection begins with a fresh, species-appropriate healthy food on a diet which has low carbohydrate compositions.
  • A healthy dog with a favorable immune system has more resistance towards ticks and fleas than an unhealthy dog with a poor immune system or chronic diseases.
  • Refined foods with huge carbohydrate composition develop more infections, epidemics, and immune defects.

Food for Ticks and Fleas prevention

Some simple foods like raw honey and fresh garlic have the power to eliminate ticks and fleas when they get added to the diet of your dog, which also boosts their immune system.

  1. Fresh garlic, which can be given to dogs in small and convenient fractions, has the ability to eradicate parasites and boost the immune system. You can allow a day-to-day volume of ¼ tsp of freshly minced garlic for 15 lbs. of body weight dog during flea and tick period, or an yearly basis.It is essential to remark that garlic in the form of powder or capsule does not have the same outcomes as freshly cubed garlic.
  2. Raw honey has the same ability to build up the immune system, which is a safe and yummy method of medicine for dogs when it is given in a convenient amount like ½ tsp per 15 lbs. body weight for a day. The aids are even higher with regionally produced honey, as it can contribute to immune supportive vitamins to resist potential dangers in your distinct environment. 

Things for tick prevention beyond food

  • Divergent types of homeopathic, nutritional and herbal additives have the ability to support the immune system of pets. Periodic or seasonal detoxification can reinforce the body’s flexibility and comprehensive health. Secure and affable detox choices consist of homeopathic antidotes and long-term active herbs like milk thistle and dandelion. 
  • Phytoplankton is also an admirable alternative, due to its exciting features of vitamins which bolster long-term health and immune system behavior, as well as definitive detoxification assistance too.

When to consult a veterinarian due to the tick bite on a dog

Monitor the dog carefully after the dog has a tick bite to ensure whether the dog has any diseases associated with this. If you found any diseases in them, it is good to get the assistance of a vet. Maybe these symptoms might be due to Lyme disease, which includes the following manifestations:

  • Fever
  • Diminished appetite
  • Abated energy
  • Dilemma in walking
  • Pain, displeasure or rigidity
  • Inflamed joints

Also, communicate with your veterinarian about immunizing your dog against Lyme disease and also about the excellent approaches to avoid fleas and ticks from attacking your dog.

How to make DIY Fleas and Tick Prevention spray at home

Add the ingredients like ten drops of catnip oil with 10 drops of neem oil, 8 oz of pure water, 4 oz of apple cider vinegar and 5 drops of lemon juice to a broad spray jar and shake completely. Drizzle your dog with this spray mainly on the neck, legs and belly before going outside.


Most of us like to play outside with our pets, but hotter months also carry heavier bundles of parasites like ticks and fleas to attack your dogs. This is the time for all of us to think about tick and flea prevention methods.

You can either do an assiduous tick check on your pet's body or apply some medications for tick prevention after the outside play. For the tick check, you can use a fine-tooth flea comb which is very effective and handy too. Also, ensure that the surroundings in which the dog is dealing with should be clean, which has a major effect on tick prevention.

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