How Overseas Pakistanis Are Facilitated Back Home

Millions of Pakistanis migrate overseas in search of better prospects, yet when it comes to investing...

Millions of Pakistanis migrate overseas in search of better prospects, yet when it comes to investing their hard-earned money or protecting an asset, they choose to do it in Pakistan. Even though they live overseas, their contribution to the country's economic well-being through remittances is significant. This is why the government has made significant efforts to offer various platforms and amenities for abroad Pakistanis in order to make them feel respected.

We have mentioned some of these facilities and services in this blog for you to use as an abroad Pakistani to obtain advantages back home. So, without further ado, let's get started.

Resources For Overseas Pakistanis

Cadastral mapping safeguards the land of Pakistanis living abroad from land grabbers.

The government has taken several measures to build a bridge-like link between the country and expatriate Pakistanis, allowing them access to various amenities. The government's programmes are mutually advantageous since they give numerous chances for non-resident Pakistanis to acquire assets and make investments, while the government receives billions of rupees in remittances.

The government has started the Cadastral Mapping of Pakistan programme, which would directly help foreign Pakistanis. To control land grabbing occurrences, the system will keep a computerised database of properties, including ownership, value, tenure, and dimensions. NRPs can now invest in real estate in Pakistan without fear of their land being unjustly taken over.

Here's How To Get The Facilities

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Overseas Pakistanis Commission Of Punjab

Over the years, overseas Pakistanis have experienced a variety of challenges, including property conflicts, utility connection concerns, and financial difficulties. The government saw the need for a venue where these foreigners could file complaints about such concerns. One such outlet where these expatriates may submit real issues is the Punjab Overseas Pakistani Commission.

The commission also works for the welfare of Pakistanis living abroad, including the protection of their land from land grabbers and the facilitation of their investments, among other things.

To further serve abroad Pakistanis, the province government has established the Overseas Pakistanis Commission App, which allows them to conveniently check their land records and get property paperwork. Furthermore, a 24-hour active helpline has been established to assist foreigners with their problems.

Access To The Fbr Portal For Overseas Pakistanis

NRPs can now file their income taxes using the Federal Board of Revenue's (FBR) IRIS site. Because of the difficulties that NRPs have had in completing their tax returns, the FBR has devised a URL via which they may now file their tax returns online.

Digital Account Roshan

Non-resident Pakistanis can now open bank accounts in Pakistani national banks using Roshan Digital Account (RDA). The effort assists NRPs throughout the country with digital onboarding, banking solutions, payments, and investments. RDA features include remote account opening, no minimum balance need, traditional banking services, virtual debit cards for abroad and domestic use, two distinct account opening choices (USD & PKR), and real-time currency conversion rates for payments.

Overseas Pakistanis can use their Roshan Digital Account to pay bills and access other banking services. Moreover, they can reach out to us on our provided email address to discuss matters such as best house construction companies in islamabad.

Roshan Apna Ghar

Roshan Apna Ghar is a game-changing project for non-residents since it allows them to purchase a property in Pakistan using their own resources or bank financing. Expats can purchase a property in Pakistan using traditional bank financing or Shariah-compliant finance, resulting in increasing foreign investment in the nation. Through the Roshan Apna Ghar initiative, eight different banks are currently offering housing financing services.

Roshan Apni Car

To assist the families of Pakistani expats, the government has introduced the Roshan Apni Car initiative, which allows them to purchase automobiles at reduced financing rates. The NRPs will be able to purchase automobiles at a 7% financing rate, which is far lower than what other customers receive. Our Roshan Apni Car blog provides all the information you need about financing alternatives, eligibility requirements, needed paperwork, and the minimum monthly income required to apply.

Real Estate Investment

While the government is constantly enhancing facilities for abroad Pakistanis, the private sector is also working to offer them with safe and secure investment options. Real estate is one of Pakistan's thriving industries, with investment growing by the day. Because of the potential and interest of foreign investors, several new development projects are aimed towards these investors by providing comparable facilities and characteristics.

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The Property Sales Event in Dubai, which occurs on a regular basis, is one of the places where expatriate Pakistanis may meet developers and property specialists. This is's flagship initiative in which high-performing, in-demand, and highly facilitated projects participate and are introduced to expats in the UAE.

The Best Time To Invest

Pakistan's real estate sector is thriving. Given the sector's present success and the availability of attractive projects, now is the optimum moment for expatriate Pakistanis to diversify their investment portfolio with various sorts of development projects.

Real estate is one of the most profitable investment possibilities for Pakistanis living abroad. You can reach out to us to get relevant information in matters related to house construction companies in pakistan.

Pakistan is facing a shortfall of residential units and has led to the increased demand for quality residential projects. While the developers are bringing new and quality projects to cover the gap, the prices of units are also significantly increasing offering higher capital gains to buyers and investors.

Where To Invest

There are many projects that are registered with the FBR and don’t require documents for proof of income. Such projects present a unique opportunity for overseas investors that are not only safe, secure, and well-performing but also involve less paperwork which may be a hassle for the new investors.

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The Takeaway

The recent swings in the Pakistani currency exchange rate have been triggered by a variety of causes. The rupee's fall has created a once-in-a-lifetime chance for foreign Pakistanis to purchase real estate while paying less in US dollars. This is the moment for abroad Pakistanis to utilise their Roshan Digital Accounts to invest in Pakistani real estate, which will not only expand their assets and investments, but will also aid the country's economy through remittances.

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