Cheap And Simple Upcycling Ideas For An Apartment

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Decorate your apartment by reusing and repurposing everyday items to save money and make your space a beautiful home.

Is your bedroom looking a little outdated? Maybe you want to decorate your apartment but spending a lot of extra money isn’t an option right now. The secret to a great looking and practical apartment is not always about expensive things. It’s about finding the furniture or the accessories to make every room feel like its yours. A space that reflects your personality and allows you to unwind and be yourself. With simple upcycling ideas for your apartment, you can create an appealing space on a budget. 

What is Upcycling?

Upcycling is the process of reusing and repurposing an item. This could be an unwanted piece of furniture or something as simple and small as a glass jar. As the latest trend in home decorating, let’s look at the simplest ways to make your interior look like a million bucks.

Where to Find Items to Upcycle?

The first place to look for items to repurpose is your very own home. Do you have baskets, wooden boxes, old furniture, or even pieces of fabric you can use to update accessories?

You can also visit online marketplaces. These are similar to a garage or yard sale but offered by sellers online. You can find unwanted furniture, fabrics, and various accessories for free or for sale. The great thing about using marketplaces is the range of items you can find at virtually giveaway prices.

Dump sites also have sections where salvageable goods and raw materials are kept in bins. You never know what you may find that could inspire you.

Creative Upcycling Ideas for Apartments

1. Make Your Own Picture Frames

All you need are pieces of scrap wood, a glue gun, plexiglass as a cover (optional) and some string or a wooden wedge (for the back of the frame). For the back of the frame, you can use canvas, hardwood or any other hard material to support the piece. The next step is a little bit trickier. You will need to measure (according to the size you want) and cut the strips of wood at 45 degree angles to fit together like a puzzle piece to form the frame.

To secure the wood pieces you can use wood glue and staples. Knock the staples into the back of the frame so it doesn’t take away from the beauty of its display. Once the frame is secure, you can create the backing. The backing must overlap the frame, or it won’t have anything to grip onto. Before you secure the backing, place the photograph or image on the canvas or hardwood facing the back of the frame. this will allow the picture to show the correct way in the display. Simple duct tape will keep the back fixed to the frame. More detailed DIY picture frame guides are available using everything from scrap wood to pallet wood.

 2. Create Pot Plants From Baskets and Containers

If you have an old basket, you can grow something in it! Simply line the basket with a waterproof or plastic material. Add a few holes for drainage along with some gravel in the base. Fill with potting soil. Place the new basket outside in a sunny spot and add herbs or seedlings.

3. Use Wood Pallets for Storage

You can increase storage in your apartment with many creative and cost effective hacks. A wood pallet hung or leaned against the wall is a simple and interesting way to stay organized. You can use it as a rack for shoes and everyday accessories.

Look for unwanted wood boxes. A good sanding and a coat of paint will transform a wooden box you can use for bedroom or living room storage.

You can also use storage cube ottomans that sell for $20 and upwards online (depending on the size and style).

4. Use an Old Book for a Shelf

A great way to add personality is using old books for shelves. With a few brackets and diagonally placed books, you can secure it for unique shelving. Be sure to check with your landlord before knocking nails into the wall.

 5. Updated Chairs and Pillows with Fabric

Pieces of fabric in flower, checkered, and unique patterns can update a room instantly. If the material on your chairs or scatter pillows is broken, worn, or outdated, a few offcuts of fabric can give it a makeover without spending a lot of money. You will need a staple and glue gun to secure the fabric to the seats. If you can’t stitch the fabric together to create a pillowcase, you can always find a variety of pillow covers online.

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