Modern & Grand Look To Your Home With Louis Bergere Chairs

Louis Bergère chairs are available in various Outdoor Cane Furniture including ones that have upholstered "wings".

Louis Bergère chairs are available in various Outdoor Cane Furniture including ones that have upholstered "wings".

For those who are quite sure what it is, a Louis bergere is essentially an enclosed and upholstered armchair (also known as 'French' chair). Traditionally, it has an upholstered back and curved upholstered armrests. The seating part of the chair is over-upholstered.

A true Louis Bergere chair is usually carved – though these days it is not unusual to find cheap imitation Louis Bergere chairs that are moulded. The expensive varieties follow traditional method of carving the chair out of beech wood, walnut or mahogany. The chairs are then painted, gilded and finely waxed finish. The result is a piece of art that is not only highly functional but looks elegant and awesome in any home. Indeed, it gives a modern and grand look to your home.

A true Louis Bergère chair is usually fitted with tailored seat cushion that is left lose so it can be removed it not required. The whole intent of the Louis Bergère chair is comfort and lounging. It has a deep, wide seat so ladies can cross their legs when seated and still be very comfortable – a narrow chair would make them very cramped.

Louis Bergère chairs are available in various Outdoor Cane Furniture including ones that have upholstered "wings" at the top of the backrest. These wings were designed and added as a shield from the heat of the fireplace. So you could sit sideways from the fireplace, enjoy the heat without the face getting too hot.

You may also see Louis Bergère chairs with raked or flat back (called the à la reine design). Similarly, there is the Louis Bergère chair design that sweeps without a break into the armrests. This design is called the Marquise chair. These chairs were first designed in France in the early seventeen hundreds.

In those early days, these chair designs were referred to as “Fauteuil” (meaning “armchair” in French). Understandably, the Louis Bergère chair underwent many transformations but which ever be the design you select, it provides a modern and grand look to any room in your home.

The “Fauteuil” chairs originally started out as armchairs with open sides. It seat was wide, deep and very comfortable. It had an upholstered back so provided excellent and very comfortable support. In contrast, another version of the Louis Bergère chair known as the “fauteuil à la reine” (or Queen’s armchair), had a square-ish high back.

In all cases, the Cane Single Chair traditionally had carved wooden frames that were gilded or painted. The back rest was upholstered in fine embroidered silk. This timeless design is why the Louis Bergère chairs give a modern and grand look to your home. You can buy your own Louis Bergère chairs at Annandale Interiors here:

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