Shingletown Fairy Garden Village

I have always had a soft spot for anything that holds a real and significant rustic charm.

I have always had a soft spot for anything that holds a real and significant rustic charm.

I have always had a soft spot for anything that holds a real and significant rustic charm. My feelings became obvious when I was driving through the country with my husband, dogs, and daughter in our big ol' truck. I believe there was something about those Sunday morning trips to the dog park, which reminded me that the world is beautiful and magical. We need to appreciate our rural areas and hold them in the highest esteem.

My favorite part of taking this outing was to see all the old original farmhouses and barns that decorated the landscape of the Midwest countryside. They were my ultimate inspirations when I thought about putting together a miniature fairy garden for my in-laws who live in an actual wood cabin surrounded by a national park. Their entire home is decorated with antlers, bears, antique mirrors, leather furniture and wine racks made from canoes. When I started planning a miniature garden that would fit in with their beautiful home, I sought out greenery and accessories that blended seamlessly into their aesthetics and looked good in a large window.

I selected many miniature plants because my father-in-law has always had a love for gardening. His green thumb was my motivation for this country miniature garden. Then I found some beautiful Shingletown fairy houses with cedar shake roofs in a variation of colors, and the shingles looked as though they had been hand cut. The quality of the wood definitely stood out compared to polymer fairy houses.

I choose my favorite bright blue home, the Shingletown Cone Top Fairy House with a matching door and large distinguishable shingles on a cone roof. Next, to the home, I added the coordinating Shingletown Outhouse, which was made of stackable grey stones and included the same distinctive roof common in the Shingletown collection of fairy houses. Because I am totally a dog person, I designated a safe space for an outdoor country dog by placing the Shingletown Dog House and Bowl in the miniature garden. Of course, I had to add a favorite furry friend near their new home and garden fairy.

The more miniature accessories that I added to this countryside fairy garden, the better it became. I found that if I started with a Shingletown fairy house as the focal point, the remaining options were endless. It is my thought that gardeners could easily add a barn, silo, farm animals, and rows of fencing. On the other hand, when selecting fairy garden accessories a person could find a way to make these miniature garden spaces more festive and timeless with a bonfire pit, gazebo, yard games, outdoor dining spaces, and bright, colorful flowers added to their décor.

Miniature Gardening' offers miniature trees, accessories, fairies, garden tools & dollhouse furniture to create enchanting miniature landscapes for containers or your yard. Story telling and imaginary fairy garden from 'Miniature Gardening' bring the playful kid out in all of us. Filled with intrigue and mystique each little miniature garden scene you create is a snapshot of such a dream.

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